Challenge to Elon Musk (14)

Elon Musk - these complaints are NOT fraudulent. I am accusing you of covering up lethal defects and causing the deaths of many innocent people. My well documented complaints to NHTSA are listed on this website (incl…

Tesla suspension FATAL FLAW entire fleet should be grounded ( 2 ) (36)

“Tesla Design Director Franz von Holzhausen notes, “Aluminum is as strong as steel but lighter in weight, and has similar manufacturing capabilities. Lighter weight translates directly to efficiency.” Well, that sounds …

Tesla ADMITS that the suspensions are defective (4)

In August 2015 I filed the first complaint about Tesla suspension failures. I continued to file over 200 more complaints up until February 2019. In June 2016 Elon Musk called my complaints fraudulent and claimed that N…

Why no updates? (2)

After filing more than 200 Tesla complaints myself and reading the hundreds that have been filed by Tesla owners it has become blindingly obvious that NHTSA is not merely incompetent but that is corrupt and politically i…

Help wanted! (2)

I’ve been researching deadly Tesla defects for years and filing complaints at NHTSA with supporting evidence. For my efforts I have been called an “unhinged fraud” by Elon Musk, human garbage by one kind soul, and a “lu…

Keef Wivaneff.... read all about me :) (5)

I am not against Green energy …I am against GREEN ENERGY SCAMS… This is how I first realised how they work. Short version… The planet is in danger, only my Green Widget Energy saving thingy can rescue us. Send munny. …

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