~10-18-18: Another Tesla Lane Departure Results In Crash And Injuries? Aquebogue NY


Why didn’t Tesla’s so-called safety features didn’t prevent this accident? Was “autopilot” enabled? Was automatic braking enabled? If so did it help minimize the crash? Did the Tesla warn the driver of lane departure? Was the Tesla driver intoxicated and/or inattentive?

Did the Tesla have a mechanical failure prior to the crash? A suspension or steering component failure?

KeefWivaneff’s complaints about possible weak and/or defective steering and suspension components may have some merit.

I think Tesla via Elon Musk has fraudulently made blanket statements that aluminum is as strong as steel. NHTSA, NTSB and the FTC should crackdown on Tesla’s unsafe greedy false advertising.

The recordings should be analyzed by proper authorities as Tesla doesn’t have credibility and is biased.

The findings and investigation by the police and other emergency responders should be made public. NHTSA, NTSB and other investigative agencies should investigate this crash and make their findings public.

“Two drivers hurt in Aquebogue crash, police say”

“One driver was ejected from a Dodge Ram and another extricated from a Tesla that crossed the double yellow lines in Aquebogue Thursday, town police said.”

If this Tesla was on “autopilot”, is it one of the newer upgraded supposedly “safer” versions?

The dishonest safety hype from Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups are contributing to unsafe driving.

Euro NCAP: Drivers overestimate the abilities of ‘autonomous’ cars

Statistically I am a safer driver then Tesla autopilot and Tesla drivers. I’ve never crossed the double yellow lines to have a head on crash with oncoming traffic.

“Tesla removes self-driving option from most of its vehicles, saying it causes too much confusion”