17 Million Shares Voted to Oust Elon Musk


Shills and suck ups have been trying to cover up that there was a large amount of support to oust Elon Musk.

In June a vote was defeated to oust Elon Musk as CEO of Tesla. Elon Musk suck ups made it sound like it was only one person and a minuscule vote against Elon Musk. However reportedly 17 million shares backed the ousting of Elon Musk as CEO. As status quo; the Tesla shills and Elon Musk suck ups were deceptive.

Since the vote failed and Elon Musk has been allowed to continue on as CEO; Elon Musk’s irrational illogical psychotic behavior has undermined Tesla, his own, and his suck ups credibility. Elon Musk has been on a self-destructive path that is at risk of destroying Tesla.

Tesla likely would have been better off if Elon Musk had been ousted.

Elon Musk’s irrational psychotic immoral behavior is harming the company to the point it may not recover. Elon musk is an efficient shill; however his greed, immorality and ignorance are destroying himself and Tesla.

IE: Greedily attention whoring the cave rescue. Interfering with the rescue efforts. Slandering the cave rescuers, especially the one he seemingly falsely asserted of being a pedophile. Etc.

BlackRock voted to replace Tesla’s Musk with an independent chairman

More than 86 million shares voted against the proposal at a shareholder meeting in June, while fewer than 17 million voted in favor, Tesla said.

So about 15% voted to oust Elon Musk?