8-25-18: Tesla collides with fire truck in San Jose, leaving 2 hurt


Federal authorities also need to investigate this crash. The untampered data logs need to be accessed before Tesla can compromise/falsify/destroy or spin the data. The data should be made public as also the details of the official governmental investigations. Tesla cannot be trusted.

  • Was the “autopilot” active; if so why didn’t it prevent this accident?

  • Was “automatic braking” active; if so why didn’t it prevent this accident?

I think the safety hype from Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups is resulting in unsafe reckless/inattentive driving. That aspect also should be considered in any investigations like this.

I suspect skimping on sensors and an overconfidence and over emphasis on software and over emphasis advancing AI chips is contributing to Tesla accidents like this. I think Tesla is poorly managed, thus resources are squandered and misappropriated, thus safety is compromised.

  • Was the Tesla driver intoxicated? If so I think the alcohol and drug abuse of the Tesla culture may be a contributing factor to these types of accidents.

Tesla collides with fire truck in San Jose, leaving 2 hurt

Tesla culture often is monkey see, monkey do. Elon Musk reportedly took his hands off the wheel of a Tesla during a TV interview to demonstrate the “autopilot”. He was violating Tesla safety protocol. Reportedly when Elon Musk made his tweet “funding secured” he was alone driving his Tesla; indicating that yet again he was unsafely inattentive of his driving.

Leaders are supposed to set a good example. Elon Musk sets a bad example; and his mindless minions follow his bad examples. That’s one of the many reasons Elon Musk is a horrible leader and his cult is a horrible cult.

(Satirical) Does Tesla hate fire trucks?


Reportedly the “autopilot” was on and the emergency braking system *“not engaged” at the time of the crash. Yet again proving the deficiency of Tesla "autopilot"and Tesla drivers (most of which are Elon Musk suck ups).

Ironically some of the crash photos falsely display “zero emission” plates. Scientifically Tesla is not a zero emission vehicle. It’s a fraudulent categorization set by dirty ignorant politicians and dirty ignorant greedy corporations like Tesla.

TESLA near miss! For the 2nd time in recent months SJ FF’s escaped serious injury as a @teslamotors “Zero Emissions” vehicle slammed into the back of a #SJFD FireEngine @ 70 MPH on Hwy 101 at 1am - Reportedly the vehicle was in auto mode but auto braking system was not engaged.


Note *There might be a muck-up in wording. Some are suggesting the automatic braking may have been on, but did not respond.


About time they start arresting Elon Musk suck ups.

Reportedly the Tesla driver that crashed into the fire truck, was arrested for drunk driving.

Drunk Driver Thought He ‘Had Auto-Pilot On’ Before Crashing Into San Jose Firetruck: CHP