8-28-18 Lunatic Tesla driver jumps railroad track crashes into school property. Barrie, Ontario?


Was this just another lunatic Tesla driver?
(Proportionately Tesla drivers seem to drive more rudely, arrogantly, aggressively and recklessly. It is easy to spot a Tesla because of the erratic driving of the loose nut behind the wheel. Elon musk has set a bad example by driving recklessly, inattentively, recklessly, etc. Elon Musk is an example of bad mental health)

Was this driver intoxicated?
(Elon Musk seemingly sets a bad example by seemingly seemingly abusing alcohol, prescription and/or illicit meds. Was there a proper drug and alcohol screen)

Was this Tesla on autopilot?
(In part it is satirical sarcasm. However it would still be good to have the untempered raw data recordings for analysis to consider all possibilities)

I I doubt it, but could this be on commanded or unintended acceleration?

Tesla culture is largely monkey see, monkey do. Musk’s cult following sees him with substance abuse problems and driving recklessly and inattentively. They idolize fools and foolish behavior.

Tesla jumps railroad tracks, crashes into parking lot (update: driver charged, 8 photos)