~9-16-18: Reportedly: Tesla driver in grave condition after head-on crash in Hesperia


Tesla driver in grave condition after head-on crash in Hesperia

A witness told officials that the driver of Tesla crossed over into southbound lanes while attempting to pass other vehicles, but instead went head-on into the Dodge Ram.


I think that the governmental investigators should have access to untainted data from the cars recorders to determine the cause and contributing factors to this accident/

Was this vehicle on autopilot?

Was this the fault of the driver?

Was the driver intoxicated?

Is Tesla at fault?

Or perhaps as often is; a combination of fault and those to blame?

Is this case related to the Tesla culture that hypes safety, yet contradictorily tolerates and sometimes praises drug addiction, mental illness, fraud, hype, etc. ? A (psychological) “human factor” of recklessness, arrogance, ignorance, narcissism, and greed that leads to inattentive, and reckless, and unsafe behavior by Tesla drivers.

While in some aspects I am skeptical of KeefWivaneff “whompy wheels” campaign; I suspect at the minimum there is at least some substance to his claims.

Perhaps this was some sort of suspension and/or steering failure. I am skeptical of Tesla’s engineering; because of dishonest crazy sweeping claims by Tesla via Elon Musk that aluminum is as strong steel. They claim Elon Musk is an engineer. By whose standards? Elon Musk suck ups have set the bar at the bottom of standards. As a figure of speech, did Elon Musk get an engineering degree out of a Cracker Jack box?

I think those that call Elon Musk an engineer are frauds and have their standards set incredibly low. If I understand correctly, Elon Musk does not hold an engineering degree. I suspect he largely cheated his way through school, as he has done post school.

It’s clear by Elon Musk’s statements that he falls far very short of my engineering standards.

IE: I think it is fraud that Tesla and Elon Musk stereotype aluminum as being as strong as steel. I think the SEC should investigate Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups.