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Posted on the SunBall Forum April 2007

Re: [Sunball] News Flash …Woomera South Australia


We have initiated legal proceeding against one person who tried to sign a license agreement, obtained and disclosed confidential information, broke the signed NDA, went behind our backs to try to buy cells, is trying to clone the SunCube and have emailed me claiming they will take away the SCIG licenses (I have the emails you sent them). You will shortly receive the summonds (sic) from our legal council. (sic)

Let me make myself very clear Dogshitontoast, you cannot hide behind a cheap email alias. We are initiating a search which will identify who you are. GGE will not stand for this kind of insulting, defamatory and derogatory comments clearly meant to discredit myself, GGE and the SunCube.

All of your posts in this forum have been referred to our legal council (sic) for their action.

Additionally I find your handle is an insult to others in this forum.

Greg Watson


Green and Gold Energy


What was that all about?

Well, let’s start at the beginning shall we?


Chapter 1

Keef needs some good energy

Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived a man called Keef. With his fair maiden Rapunzel he enjoyed a simple rural idyll beneath the sunny Australian skies.

However, there was a problem. He was bereft of power. He had no energy and was entirely gridless.

Keef was not silly, looking upward to the sky he quickly realised that the answer was simple… SOLAR POWER.

He rushed out to his nearest supplier and purchased some batteries and a 100Watt solar panel.

He also procured some high efficiency LED lights and accoutrements and he said “Let There Be Light” and there was light.


Keef and the fair Rapunzel were happy for a while. They enjoyed switching on their new lights and basking in the warmth of their 5 Watt LED lanterns. As hunter gatherers they would occasionally venture out into the surrounding countryside and return with food, cartons of ale and fresh milk for their enjoyment later on.

It quickly became apparent that in order to enjoy this bounty at its pinnacle of excellence some form of refrigeration would be required. This presented a formidable challenge. It was possible to purchase an ancient and rusty beer fridge (gas powered) for a few hundred dollars or a nice shiny new gas fridge for about two thousand dollars. Either of these options would also require the usage of approximately five dollars’ worth of bottled gas each week.

There was another option

In the local BIG W emporium there was available a shiny new ELECTRIC fridge which boasted of high energy efficiency requiring only 400Kw-hours per year of electricity. "You Beauty" uttered Keef as he flashed his plastic and stowed the fridge in his tucker bag.

Pausing only at the renewable energy emporium to purchase a suitable 240Volt inverter he hurried home to inform the beautiful Rapunzel of his decision. The shiny new fridge was quickly installed and operating and Keef settled back to enjoy a cleansing ale.

By this time it was starting to become dark so Rapunzel reached over and flicked the light switch.

And then…………….Nothing happened.

"Oh" said Keef. “It appears that the battery is flat”. So they went to bed.

Early the next morning when the sun had risen sufficiently to power up the rustic laptop, satellite dish and modem, Keef began to research ways to boost the supply of solar electricity that needed to be flowing into his batteries.

"Gosh" he said. “Solar panels are quite expensive, about ten dollars per watt. What is worse is that a one hundred watt panel only delivers about 150 Kw hours per year so to run fridge, lights and computer I will need at least three MORE 100W panels”.

"Ouch" said Keef

Fortunately salvation seemed close at hand because having consulted the oracle Google there was a new and fabulous solar invention called the SunBall or maybe it was a SunCube. Never mind, this gizmo could deliver unheard of solar power at amazingly low prices. Keef quickly found the Green and Gold Energy website and was mightily impressed by what he saw.

330 W / 660 kWh 4x5 SunCube™ Solar Appliance:*

Model GGE330-14

AU$1,200 inc GST for Australian customers

Availability Internationally and Australia


“Woo Hooo” said Keef, “that is just exactly what I need”, and he clicked the intent to order button. He was so excited that he actually thought he had placed an order and he waited anxiously for his wonderful SunCube to arrive. He contacted his local supplier of old fashioned “flatties” which were available with a generous government subsidy and told him to cancel his order because he was going to wait for the wonderful SunCube. Keef told all his friends how lovely the SunCube sounded and advised them all to place their orders, (when Keef gets excited he gets REALLY excited).

Keef went back and had another look at the Green and Gold Energy website and became almost hysterical with excitement. The inventor Mr. Greg Watson was revealing more details on this ground breaking, paradigm shifting, disruptive technology breakthrough.

Greg Watson <greg.watson@…> wrote:

I care little for a Nobel Prize or the academic life. As for money I’m semi-retired, 60 this year and any desire to make a lot of money left my system a long time ago. I do however have a great desire to see the way we humans generate power on this small green and blue planet to change for the better. That was why I developed the SunCube and set out to put the power companies out of business. What I sell it for is peanuts as against what I could sell it for. Why? Because I’m a man with a mission and making money or seeking personal glory is not it. I probably have 15 more good years or so and I’m determined to do whatever I have to do to alter the way we humans generate power. I know where you are coming from. My SunCube will totally change forever the way we humans generate electricity. In the beginning no one believed me as to what I had achieved. I had to show, show and show again until finally the penny dropped. Now we are into empirical trials as the technology is too new for there to be any international standards to apply. We are facing the worst challenge the human race has ever faced. If we don’t stop Global Warming our way of life will forever change and 10,000’s of species will go the way of the Dodo. This is not the time to do and hide but to do and show.

Greg Watson

CEO Green and Gold Energy


There was no stopping Greg now, he was busy posting everywhere.

Greg Watson wrote:

I have been told by contacts inside the solar academia that I’m being called a “Solar Terrorist”. I guess those who have spent many $10s of millions of public money over the past 25 years and never delivered anything real may see their solar research budgets going the way of the Tasmanian Tiger. The SunBall will change a lot of things and most for the better.

A stock tip. Don’t buy coal mining stocks.

All the best,

Greg Watson

Green and Gold Energy

Greg was also keen to clear up any misunderstandings about the way the SunBall operated and to offer friendly advice.

Elmartin95 wrote:

Hello, I just found out about this thingie and have a of couple simple questions.

There are other solar systems which utilize focused lighting on a single, small, solar collector chip. Those chips wear out very quickly however. I’m wondering, how long does the actual chip last and how long one can expect to get optimum performance from it?

The electrons that create the electric current are coming from the chip itself, is that correct? Therefore at some point, like silicon, they are exhausted? Light, as I understand it, is made of photons and not electrons, nor does any new electron get created by the photon smashing into something, it just loosens an existing electron from its orbit and sends it down the path of the current flow. Or is this totally different?

Thanks in advance.

Alberto Gregorio

Greg Watson wrote:

Hi Alberto

Basic electronics theory suggests the electrons which leave the solar cell will return via the completed electrical circuit. Nothing is lost or gained. Just a very small energy transfer, via the photon energy, from our neighbourhood nuclear fusion generator the Sun. But I suspect you already know this.

Maybe you can provide a link to the disinformation you have so kindly shared that these solar cells somehow wear out? I would sure be interested in following that one up because a lot of folks who noses are being put out of joint by the SunBall are spreading BS statements. I sure hope you are not involved in the SunBall disinformation spreading BS business. If you are, you are out of business.

By the way it’s not a thingie, it’s a SunBall and it has changed forever the way we humans generate electricity.

All the best,

Greg Watson

Green and Gold Energy

The production and marketing of SunBalls was gathering speed at an amazing rate. Greg was working long hours to keep up with the flood of enquiries.

Greg Watson wrote:

We are working with our key suppliers, key initial customers and are moving ahead with acquiring a manufacturing premises which will allow us to build our initial 100 SunBalls per month capability by the end of Feb 2006 and to grow the SunBall manufacturing capability to at least 5,000 SunBalls per month by March 2007.

Currently orders of intent are around 1,000 SunBalls (and I haven’t even started the marketing band wagon rolling!!). When I open up the SunBall on line order facility (early Feb 2006) our initial trading terms will be; 35% with order and 65% on dispatch. Existing orders of intent will be advised mid Jan 2006 that they need to firm-up and finalize their orders with-in 2 weeks. From early Feb 2006 all orders received will be processed on a strictly first in with deposit, first on your roof basis.

Looks like Greg is really on the ball!


Chapter 3

Waiting for the Sun (cube)

“This is getting ridiculous” said Rapunzel as she poured some curdled milk over her biodynamic organic muesli. “I’d have to agree with you” said Keef as he sniffed at the bag of prawns he had just taken from the cupboard. “We need to get that SunCube on the roof right away so that we can get the fridge running. I’m going to get right on to it and find out why it is taking so long”.

Keef went over and switched on his computer.

“BEEP” went the solar powered inverter

“BOLLOCKS!” said Keef.

“The sodding battery is flat again”, and he went outside (in the rain) and started up his horrid noisy petrol powered generator.

After a short delay while the battery recovered from its torpor Keef fired up his computer and logged onto the SunBall forum.

Chapter 4


Keef noticed that Mr. Watson had created a web page for followers of the SunBall and SunCube to join in which they could share their enthusiasm and keep up with the latest developments.


Forum Description:

Green and Gold Energy’s mission is to sell SunCube generated solar kWhs to a carbon constrained world.

Checkout http://www.greenandgoldenergy.com.au for more information.

Greg Watson writes:

Hi Guys,

I started this discussion group to form a discussion extension to the main GGE web site.

Here you can fire away with questions to me on the SunBall, our testing and our marketing program as well as getting involved with group discussion. While I do respect the right of others to hold different opinions I will not tolerate insults, no matter how under the cuff they may be. If something gets a little too close to stuff that is a trade secret I may not answer but basically I play an open and straight hand and encourage a good understand of the basic functional principals behind the SunBall.

All the best to us all as we change the way the world generates electricity.

Greg Watson

Keef Wivanef writes:

Hi Greg

I sent you an email (Register interest to order) on 8th March and again on 12th March. At your suggestion I then followed up with emails to Solar Hydrogen Research (your NSW licensee) who told me that they have pulled the plug. Can you please advise when the SunCubes will actually be on sale. Since you have 3,700 others in the queue, perhaps my business is not that important to you. You appear to have an excellent product, I hope you will provide excellent customer service to match.



But answer came there none!

Pounding away with two fingers Keef fired off a rather tetchy missive for the attention of the group members and (hopefully) Mr. Watson.

Keef Wivanef writes:

Hi Greg

I have ticked the box to order a SunCube and I have also emailed you several times.

You have been claiming that the SunCube will be available real soon ever since I can remember and She Who Must Be Obeyed thinks that I am an idiot for waiting this long.

A simple question for you Greg HOW LONG NOW?



Chapter 5


News Headline

Solar power to the people”

Herald Sun May 15, 2007 12:00AM

PLANS for a private $30 million, 15-megawatt solar farm in one of South Australia’s most arid regions are likely to be signed off today. The public will be allowed to invest in the solar farm in a similar way that investors buy units in forestry companies. Chief executive of Green and Gold Energy, Greg Watson, will today meet state electricity officials to put the finishing regulatory touches to a project set to save thousands of domestic users more than 50 per cent off their power bill without having to install expensive solar panels on their roofs. “I’m confident there won’t be any issues,” he said.

Mr. Watson, inventor of the award-winning Solar Cube technology, told Business Daily yesterday the 200,000 square metre facility was likely to be located at either Leigh Creek or Woomera, near the old rocket range, or Roxby Downs, near the Olympic Dam uranium mine. “They are the furthermost areas that the existing power grid extends to," Mr. Watson said.

The site, which will be leased from either the state or federal government, does not need to be cleared for the farm. "The land is already so arid, that we do not need to grade, scrape or bituminise it," Mr. Watson said. He said the project had not received any government funding and at this point was not expecting any subsidies like those provided to coal-burning companies that generate electricity. Mr. Watson said he was using his own capital which was generated from license fees he collects from overseas distributors of SunCubes. The company plans to erect 50,000 SunCubes initially and will sell a quarter to the public.

The offer, which is open to individuals only and not to commercial groups, will allow customers to buy up to four $1,500 SunCubes each. "We will have measures in place to stop some rich guy on a hill coming along and snapping up all the 12,500 that we are selling," he said. The solar farm could be complete and hooked up to the grid by the end of the year. Mr. Watson said he planned to add units to the farm in stages and had the manufacturing capacity to create a solar energy facility producing up to 500MW of base-load electricity. Mr. Watson expects to receive licenses within a fortnight to set up two power companies - GGE Generation and GGE Retail.

GGE Generation will build the solar farm and infrastructure to link it to the power grid and sell the electricity to GGE Retail, which in turn will sell the electricity on to the wholesale market. GGE Retail customers will benefit by having their bills’ total kilowatt hours use reduced in line with the size of their SolarCube investment. GGE will own all the carbon offset credits the farm produces and its customers will be able to boast that their electricity was entirely produced from a carbon free resource.

WTF? Said Keef

“I’ve been waiting patiently in the queue along with four thousand others and now Watson announces he’ll be sending all the cubes to the middle of the desert”. Keef started to lose his gruntle.

(fires up generator, logs on to the SunBall Forum)

Keef Wivanef writes:

What in the world is going on Greg? I’ve just read in the paper that there will be massive SunCube solar farms built in the outback. What about us off-gridders who have placed orders and been waiting patiently for years for first the SunBall (which seems to have vanished) and then the SunCube. What about your existing customers Greg don’t we deserve to be served first?


Don Nairn writes:

For those who live off grid this is a lifestyle decision that Greg had nothing to do with. Personally I’m much happier to buy a share in the solar farms than to have one of those SunCubes on my roof.

Don Nairn

Greg Watson writes:

Due to shortages of 3J cells availability we are concentrating our efforts on solar farms. To tell you the truth our first 100 MWs or so of SunCubes will be installed in solar farms with high security fencing and 24 / 7 security guards. So even then there will be no units available for public viewing. Do you realize what a solar technology that can generate kWhs at fossil fuel prices is worth (Trillions of $$) and how many will do anything to steal the IP. Not one 3J CPV manufacturer sells units to the public. Guess why? Well maybe one (Practical Instruments) but what they have is nothing special and their $ / kWh are still well above fossil wholesale. So my refusal to go public is just solid business practice designed to protect GGE IP against those who have sworn to steal it and put GGE out of business. Soon you will be able to buy SunCubes in our solar farms well before you can get them on your roof. BTW once our solar farms are up and running we will lobby governments worldwide to discontinue their rebate and feed-in tariff programs as they are they a waste of tax payer money. Sure this will destroy the flat panel industry but they have lived on tax payer handouts for far too long.

Greg Watson

Ron Warnick writes:

Right now, by your own admission from just a few weeks ago, you have 3,700 people standing ready to buy your SunCubes for their homes. If you’re truly that concerned about 3J cell availability, stop all new enrollments for retail and give SunCubes only to those who have already signed up. That way you can satisfy the customers who jumped on board early, yet still concentrate a huge percentage of your business to solar farms. This is only fair, especially to those who have been waiting around for 18 months or more for your product. Those 3,700 clients around the world won’t bankrupt the grid.

Again, give people a choice. You’ve been awfully cagey, Greg, and as a journalist, I’m detecting

that you’re not telling us the entire story. This about-face is very bizarre and abrupt.

Ron Warnick

Tulsa, OK

The SunBall Forum was flooded with similar complaints from would be customers who felt that they had been badly treated. Keef tried to post again on the forum but found that he had been blocked by the owner.

This made him mad as hell, and he quickly thought up a catchy new username to circumvent the restriction on his right to free speech

Keef had by now not only had he lost his gruntle, but he was in danger of losing his hinges as well.

Right he said, I’ll tell Watson what I think about his SunCubes in the desert idea, and he started pounding on the keyboard once more.

“ Cop this Watson” he muttered.

Dogshitontoast wrote:

News Flash …Woomera South Australia

16th April 2007

*Residents of the sleepy outback town of Woomera were awakened this morning by the sound of huge numbers of low flying pigs. Car windscreens were splattered with green manure and mounds of steaming dung was piled metres deep over a vast area. Residents have raised concerns that this event is connected with the building of the new Sunpube Solar farm in the area. Inventor Greg Watson denies this claiming that the farm emits no pollution whatsoever and will supply the energy needs of the entire planet from an area of less than 1 square kilometer. Said Mr. Watson, "my Sunpube technology derives its energy not only from the sun, but also from starlight and the magnetohydribblity overunity generation effect. **

There are no adverse effects on the environment and huge numbers of local jobs have been created. Local glaziers in particular have enjoyed a boom due to the frequent need for replacement of thousands of glass lenses. Local youths have also benefited from the entertainment opportunities available at the solar park. It has become a popular gathering place for them to enjoy wholesome outdoor pursuits including target practice and rock concerts. In fact it has become so popular that each Saturday night hundreds of utes converge on the farm each carrying a plentiful supply of rocks.

Mr. Watson has been gratified by the public response to his generous share offering which has allowed thousands of mum and dad investors to grab a slice of this lucrative enterprise. Whilst strongly denying any connection with the mysterious airborne porcine phenomenon, Mr. Watson has nonetheless offered to supply residents with a free supply of greenwash to at least cover up the problems.

Reporter Keef Wotsisname

Signing off

*Keef had discovered that before the SunBall came along Watson had been involved with “free energy & magnet motor” voodoo science schemes which were claimed to run on the magnetocaloric-Casmire effect (yeah right!)

Mr. Watson was not too thrilled about this post and quickly responded.

Greg Watson wrote:

Re: [Sunball] News Flash …Woomera South Australia


We have initiated legal proceeding against one person who tried to sign a license agreement, obtained and disclosed confidential information, broke the signed NDA, went behind our backs to try to buy cells, is trying to clone the SunCube and have emailed me claiming they will take away the SCIG licenses (I have the emails you sent them). You will shortly receive the summonds from our legal council.

Let me make myself very clear Dogshitontoast, you can not hide behind a cheap email alias. We are initiating a search which will identify who you are. GGE will not stand for this kind of insulting, defamatory and derogatory comments clearly meant to discredit myself, GGE and the SunCube. All of your posts in this forum have been referred to our legal council for their action.

Additionally I find your handle is an insult to others in this forum.

Greg Watson


Green and Gold Energy

Dogshitontoast wrote:

Re: News Flash …Woomera South Australia

My BALLS are bigger than your balls Greg And that’s MR Dogchaten-Toust if

you don’t mind.


At this point Mr. Watson locked down the SunBall Forum removing access to the archived posts and introducing strict censorship to prevent posters saying any more rude things.

Never mind, there’s more than one way to boink a pig!


So Let’s hand it over to Greg Watson. He’s a great inventor just like Elon Musk.
Wotcha been up to lately Greggy?

Prometheus_effect (aka Greg Watson) writes:

1997 - 2005 the missing SMOT years

May 02, 2005, 03:04:42 AM


Several have asked and many must have wondered what happened to the SMOT and Greg Watson from 1997 to 2005. Simply stated I walked away from my research due to depression which at some time was quite severe. I turned inward, searching to understand my body and how it works instead of taking the drugs they tried to get me to take. I now consider myself a Naturopath and a much healthier and stronger person.

I created a web site of what I discovered about health and aging. http://optimalhealth.cia.com.au/ You might like to visit and perhaps order some anti-aging meds and hair restorative products ( what? No snake oil?)

It’s now 3 years later (2005) and I have found a new love that has inspired me to gain the strength and again confront my OU demons which were:

1) My inability to make a 100% solid SMOT device and ship it to the 20 or so people who had sent me $150Aus. ( ONLY 20 Greg? You sure about that?)

2) The very high level of inability experienced by other folks in trying to replicate and verify my


3) Infinite Energy magazine’s very negative SMOT review where the same “It can’t happen” bias that Cold Fusion is subjected to was used against the SMOT. Conventional theory was used to say it can’t be OU. NO one actually did any measurements.

4) My inability to deliver a device which could deliver significant energy to a client / potential


To reverse these personally damaging past events and to again become active in the OU community I created the Prometheus Effect discussion group where my focus is to ensure the underlying OU Prometheus Effect is clearly understood, can be duplicated and measured before I reveal any new devices I have built. The focus is on understanding the effect and not on building devices.

Once the independent Prometheus Effect verifiers have set up the kits and reported back their results, I will reveal photos and a video of the toy SRRS device I’m building.

I then trust that others, now armed with their knowledge of the Prometheus Effect, the new

measurement system and how to tune a Prometheus Effect exit to gain max energy delivery, reliable replications or new designs of devices based on the Prometheus Effect will see the light of day and start to change the “Can’t be done” mind set of the scientific community.

One by one I then intend to repeat the process with the other devices and the underlying OU effects I was working on way back then.

It’s good to be back and in control.

Greg Watson

Greg Watson writes:

Subject: Simple OU Device

Date: Wed, 14 May 1996 06:14:26

Hi All,

Sorry to say, but my patent attorney has insisted that I do not reveal any more technical details to the public. I closed the loop late last night! It is sort of ramp based. Not much power yet. It has been running (self-powered) for 12 hours now.

To all those of you who have built ramps, all I can say is get three linked ramps working (kits available at $150) and then study the second (middle) ramp. Think outside the square.

Best Regards

Greg Watson

Greg Watson writes:


Subject: Simple Rotary OU Device

Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 08:15:26 +0930

Hi All,

Just a short note to try to answer those questions I can.

1) There is NO outside power source.

2) The device contains only ceramic magnet and ferromagnetic materials (some balsa, a few bearings and some plastic "U" channel as well).

3) The device produces rotary torque. Can be stopped with very little pressure from two fingers on a steel 4mm shaft.

4) The device has been moved to the middle of my lounge and my back garden. It still works.

5) The device will not auto start. However the energy necessary to start is only that required

to overcome friction.

6) I don’t think the device is worthy of a Nobel Prize or my picture on Business Week. I know of several other devices (Finstrud, Gary, Kawai, Bob Shannon’s Barkenhausen Effect Battery and many US patents) which show magnetic devices can do work. For some strange reason, we seem to “Not want to believe” or maybe just want to believe in our own area of research as the “One true path”.

7) I have posted enough details and ideas for those of you who REALLY want to duplicate the

device to do so. Read my postings.

8) Much work still remains to be able to light a 1 watt bulb. When I can do that, I will make

available through Stephan’s and Bill’s OU web sites a Mpeg of the device working. If I can’t

light a bulb, it will still make a nice toy and maybe a starting place for someone else.

9) The magnets don’t appear to be getting weaker or colder, but then I am not generating much

power yet.

10) I still call the effect DNMEC (Direct Nuclear Magnetic Energy Conversion).

Like my flux gate DNMEC effect, both these effects revolve around ferromagnetic and magnet interactions. I believe the Kawai motor is another variation of the DNMEC effect (like the Rod & Coil we discussed earlier).

Come on guys (and gals), start thinking outside the square. There is always more than one way

to crack eggs.

Stop talking … BUILD SOMETHING!!!

Best Regards Greg Watson Consulting

Greg Watson Adelaide, S. Australia