Advice on my short position. What do I do now?



Want to know how others are faring with their investment.


I’m going to wait until the runaway train finally runs off the edge of the precipice then enjoy the ride all the way to the bottom.
It’s certain to happen eventually.

Btw… I do know what revenant means.
Enjoy your tulip bulbs before they go past their use by date


What about yorr munny keef!!!

If the Model 3 ramp is successful and not delayed by more than a year… run for the hills…


IF only the wheels would stop falling off.


…Can we have some more fake woket stories please those gave me a kick


No need.
The ball is in Ewon’s court.
PROVE the webounding wockets are w̶e̶a̶l̶ real .
You do know what PROVE means don’t you?


avin hundreds of people watching it land… rewease a 4k video, from the ground and onboard cameras ??? :joy:


Hundreds of people saw SOMETHING land.
Was it a wocket?
Was it a drone?
Who knows…Ewon the Magnificent pulls another wabbit out of his wazoo.



SOMETHING the height of a 24 story building.

SOMETHING landing vertically

SOMETHING that can be followed from launch to ground with a telescope / good camera…

(I know you’re trolling; no one can be that retarded)


In the words of David Copperfield “GO BIG or go home”