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My Model X 90D Driver Side Falcon door opened on Freeway driving 65mph with my 6 y.o. sitting next to it (self.teslamotors)
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Please see below our Tesla Experience… any input as to how we can share our story for child safety and expedite our refund from Tesla would be appreciated. This is our email to the service manager of Tesla
Hi Sandra
I’m writing to you as per our telephone conversation to formally request Tesla to refund the cost of our Model X 90D vehicle due to its compliance with the California Lemon Law. We purchased the car on January 5, 2017 and has had a slew of problems that will be detailed below. However, the most notable problem that fall under the California Lemon Law is the driver side falcon door; which despite at least three attempts to fix opened while driving on the highway. Thus it would fall under the part of the law that states, “ Your vehicle’s problems could cause death or serious bodily injury if it is driven, and the manufacturer or dealer has made at least two unsuccessful repair attempts.”
As a recap of our conversation, you state that you have contacted the legal team and they responded that if the car is in compliance with the California Lemon Law the refund should be a “slam dunk.” This process will take between 4-8 weeks and you will assist in attempting to shorten the time as you have done successfully before. You were also adamant in helping us understand that you have had your engineers meticulously check through the car and replace the faulty parts. The car has now passed the quality checks and we are to return the loaner and pick up our car to drive as normal until the refund is fully processed. We were also asked to verbally approve a 100 mile test drive so that Tesla can do its due diligence for their quality check. However, since the faulty parts that were replaced are the same that has been done before without full resolution of the problem I voiced my concerns in continuing to drive the car. As we purchased this car specifically for our parents who have difficulty getting in and out of our higher cars, we would feel more assured if Tesla can give us a definitive assurance that the door has been fixed since we are forced to drive the car until the refund is complete. You informed us that Tesla, as well as any automakers in the world would never give that sort of assurance that their fix would not break again. As my six year old son was sitting next to the falcon door that opened on the highway, this is an answer that is very difficult for me to accept. I had pleaded with you to consult with your legal team to make sure that we are really unable to keep the loaner because driving the faulty car will give us additional anxiety. Also if the door is potentially not fixed the damages may be much more serious the next time and perhaps irrecoverable. My suggestion is as much for our family’s safety as well as Tesla’s decreased liability. You informed me that there is nothing more you can do for us. As the car is now ready for pickup on Friday and Tesla has a 72 hour window for pick up you have given us clearance for pick up of car on monday June 12, 2017.
Below I will go into a detailed timeline of our experience with Tesla. I hope this will help to efficiently terminate our relationship with Tesla.
On Sept. 21, 2015 we reserved our Model X
On Jan. 11, 2016, we configured our Model X.
On Jan. 5, 2017 we picked up the car and brought it home, there was warning sign that there was low windshield fluid and the software needed to be updated at the service center only. Thus the car was not fully serviced upon delivery of car.
On Jan. 7, 2017 We were heading to a children’s birthday party. The car started to beep non stop on the freeway. We had to pull over and call roadside assistance for help to reset the car twice before it returned to normal.
On Jan. 9 2017, we brought back car and they updated software which took more than a few hours. They also filled the windshield wiper fluid to full.
When we took the car back home, after a couple of hours, we realized our garage was flooded with windshield wiper fluid. Apparently the windshield wiper fluid container was cracked.
On Jan. 10, 2017, we brought the car back but they didn’t have parts and we waited a week for it to come in.
Meanwhile while we were doing paperwork for rebate and the HOV lane stickers, we realized the VIN on all our paperwork were incorrect and we had to contact sales to get them rectified and resign all paperwork.
On Jan. 16, 2017, we brought in the car to fix the windshield wiper fluid container and resign all the paperworks.
At this service we met Tanya, Service Adviser, who informed us if we had any issues to personally contact her and she will assist us at her utmost. However as the problems continue to arise, Tanya no longer responded to our communications after the April falcon door incident.
Along the way, while more frequently on the highway driving, we realized we were hearing wind sounds coming in from the right side passenger window. Also the passenger side falcon door was squeaking
On Jan 26, 2017 we brought the car back and the technician found the seal was not installed properly on the window and changed a new one. The door was also readjusted.
On Jan 28, 2017 while at the mall the driver side falcon door was unable to open no matter which button you press. However the car read the door as being opened. We immediately called roadside assistance, they advised since the car seems safe to drive we should drive to our service center as it was a Saturday and they were still open. See service report to see work done. We picked up the car on Jan 30, 2017.
After this service, we were upset at how many times we’d visited this service center since pickup and they offered Tesla merchandise as compensation but we said no. We would at least want the first year service free. They agreed.
In March, the passenger side window with which they fixed the seal became increasingly squeaky when opening and closing the window. Thus we had to bring it in to service on Mar. 27, 2017 to fix.
On April 23, 2017 at the Water Grill Restaurant in Costa Mesa, the driver side falcon door was unable to open again despite pressing all different buttons. We left message at service center as they were closed on a Sunday and called roadside assistance to reinforce to the service center that we will need service on our car ASAP due to the car beeping that the door is open when it is not. Roadside assistance reassured us the car should be safe to drive due to it being ok the first time this happened. However, once we got home after 45 minutes the car was still on because the falcon door is read as open. Roadside assistance request to manually turn off car and leave door open overnight as any motion in the car would turn it back on again. Roadside assistance was also confused as why the car did not turn off itself after 45 minutes as it should with no movement.
On April 24, 2017 we brought in the car for the fix and on April 25, 2017 we were called to pick up the car as ready. However on April 25 upon pickup the technician was demonstrating that the door was fixed but after one attempt the door became stuck again and had to be immediately put back to be serviced. Despite the fact there is only one service ticket for this fix, it should technically be counted as two as they were delivering the car to us the door broke and we had to make an extra trip on April 26, 2017 to pick up the car they reassured us was fixed.
On June 2, 2017 we were at Toy R Us in costa mesa with our parents and our 6 year old son, a total of 5 people. For context, my son sits next to the driver side falcon door, me in the center and my mom on the right. My husband and father are in the front. As we were leaving, the left side falcon door was stuck again. We immediately called the service center due to it being Friday but since it was late in the day we left a message as they were already closed. We started to drive home because through our previous experience we were always advised to drive the car back to the service center as the car is still drivable. During the ride, I was calling the roadside assistance to write up a ticket to reinforce to the service center to call us to schedule service first thing in the morning. While on the phone with roadside assistance, I head a click in the door and the motor as the door started to lift open. I grabbed onto the door with my left hand and held on and the door had about a 2-3 inch gap. We had been on the road for approximately 15 minutes at this time and were on the 5 north freeway right before the Tustin Ranch Exit. We immediately exited and parked in the Tustin auto center. The door opened once we parked and clicked closed once the button was pressed. As we were close to home and can drive home via local streets, we drove home. We informed roadside assistance to immediately set up a tow first thing in the morning on Saturday as my son’s birthday party was on that day. In our eyes, the car was not safe to drive and we were all severely traumatized by that event. Had the door opened the damages would have been irrecoverable and my son’s life was put in imminent danger, a feeling no parent should ever have to feel.
As it is, we are still forced to drive this car by Tesla due to our parents physical limitations. Per Roger the head technician during our phone call on Jun 6, 2017 he is confident that he had pinpointed the problem of the door and he was very apologetic in not doing a more comprehensive check the few times before we came in for this problem. He is confident that the problem is fixed however Sandra you are unable to do the same before we pick up the car again. Again, the conflicting messages worry me for the sake of my family’s safety.
We had high hopes for Tesla as indicated by how long we wait for our car. We are severely disappointed by the quality of the our Tesla and the customer service that we are receiving. Please review our case as soon as possible as we do not feel safe in this car. Please send me a confirmation that you have sent in our formal request to the legal team and they are actively processing our case.
Thank you
TL/DR model x falcon door faulty, attempt to fix 3 times, opened during driving on highway, put my child in danger, tesla wants us to continue to drive car, won’t guarantee its fixed until they might/might not refund car based on lemon law service report
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We have just connected with Jon McNeil and he seems eager to assist us to resolve this issue. We will have to wait and see for the final results.
I hope he helps us resolve this issue quickly. I see that there are many who think we’ve sensationalized our story but unfortunately it is all true. It is really disheartening. Perhaps “pooled” may have been a better word than “flooded” but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they delivered a over 6 figures car with a defect that should have been caught during their strict quality checks. However the main point is still the falcon door opened while we were driving on the freeway. We’re grateful to be safe. We are hoping that they will let us keep loaner until the refund process is complete and that is all. That being said, we can’t control everyone’s opinions and we’re not trying to, just sharing our experience so other who are considering the car can make more informed decision, especially parents. I have attached the last service invoice




Complaint Number: 10994581
Vehicle Identification Number: unknown
Your Vehicle’s Make Model and Model Year: TESLA MODEL X 2016
Note: Your VIN, make, model, and year are all protected under the Privacy Act.
What part of your car was affected? Body
What happened?
A Model X owner has reported that the Falcon door opened on the freeway placing the life of her child at risk. She has stated that she intends to file a complaint with NHTSA but I do not see that complaint listed on your database. A Tesla representative joined the online conversation and asked the owner to make direct contact. I am concerned that the owner may have been persuaded not to file a report. I have copied the owners opening post and that is attached to this complaint. If the owner has actually filed a complaint then please disregard this one. This is a very dangerous problem that could easily have cost the life of a child. Thank you.
Files you uploaded.
When did this happen? 06/09/2017
Was there a Crash? No
Was there a Fire? No