Another busted suspension



Didn’t NHTSA assure you this wasn’t a problem with similar failures? So this can’t be happening (sarcasm).

If failures keep happening like this, if it hasn’t already happened, it’s a question of time before someone is seriously hurt and or killed. Hopefully the proper action will be taken before innocent blood is shed.

There seems to be engineering, manufacturing, raw materials and or quality control problems.

Governmental investigators need to take a serious look not just at this incident, but this issue and others similar to it across the Tesla models; and make the detailed information, including photos, videos and other analysis public for public review.

It’s hard to tell by the crude photographs, but I suspect the parts are under designed. Traditionally most automotive and trucking designs are overdesigned to take much more stress and cycles that they would normally see to improve safety, reliability and reduce injury and death. Building the parts much stronger than they normally need to be, makes the parts more likely to survive if there is a minor defect, minor abuse, or harsh conditions.

Tesla appears to have largely abandoned building in the traditional extra strength; thus there’s more likely to be failures under normal use, minor raw materials issues, less than ideal weather conditions, radical driving, heavy use, etc.

Tesla appears to be putting their priorities on performance and skimping on spending; rather than putting safety as a high priority.



I don’t think the intent was fraudulent.

Often whistleblowers don’t know all the specifics, yet unfortunately many of the specifics are required fields in the complaint forms. Thus there is a flaw in the complaint system; that compromises and sacrifices safety.

In the case of fatalities, the victims can’t file complaints on their own.

Often owners, drivers and families don’t understand the importance of filing complaints of potential safety hazards. Often they are coerced by bribes (favoritism) and or intimidated threats by Tesla, Elon Musk, and/or his cult of henchmen into not filing complaints that ought to be filed. That’s partly why many of these safety issues have been unresolved for years.

Thus often whistleblowers have to act on the behalf of the deceased, bribed and intimidated; in order to try to make the world a safer place.

Elon Musk is in no position to criticize whistleblowers. His track record proves that he doesn’t care about safety. IE: hanging up on a governmental safety investigator, etc.


Those were MY complaints!

Read the bit where he called ME unhinged,


I think everyone is at least a little unhinged. Usually those that deny the most and the loudest that they are unhinged, are usually some of the most and worst unhinged.

If he did call you unhinged, then Elon Musk is yet again a pot calling the kettle black.

However I get the impression, that by making so many trigger-happy frivolous complaints to NHTSA that you seem to be often crying wolf, thus when you run across serious problems, your complaints are disregarded.

I get the impression that many of the broken parts you have reported are the results of crashes; so thus when you have reported things that should be reported, they often seem to be ignored.

I can’t remember if it was in a suspension or some other thread. It’s hard to tell by the type and low quality of photos that were posted, but most of the broken parts look like they may have been broken as a result of a crash. However a few of the photos that you have posted, seem to indicate there was a problem with the part before there was catastrophic failure.

However regretfully because you’ve probably largely been written off, and Tesla doesn’t take heed of critics,
instead wants yes-men and mindless lemmings. Tesla seems to have many weak parts because of misconceptions that it has and perpetuates.

“Aluminum is as strong as steel”

I suspect most engineers and metallurgists would agree that it is wrong to stereotype aluminum being as strong as steel. It seems there were some important qualifiers omitted, that has contributed to major Tesla misconceptions, design, and safety problems.

Attention Elon Musk and his minions.

“You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye,
and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

Smash an aluminum beer can against your head. Then with the same vigor and manner, smash a steel beer can against your head. Notice any difference?

Challenge to Elon Musk
~9-16-18: Reportedly: Tesla driver in grave condition after head-on crash in Hesperia

I have been very selective about the cars I file complaints on.
I pick the ones were there are indications that the suspension failure most probably occurred before the impact.
I make that very clear in my complaint.

have a look at this one;

I nice young man was killed. Greatly missed by his friends and family.
There is not a mark on the Tesla, not even a brokentail light.
The suspension snapped, the wheel went whompy and the man driving past had to swerve to avoid the Tesla.

Musk has already enjoyed far too much benefit of the doubt already.
It is as plain as day that the suspension parts are too fragile AND badly cast which makes them even more prone to failure.
If there is anything at all fraudulent about my complaints then why has Musk not taken up my challenge for him to have me charged with that offence?


You are so obviously talking to a bot it is embarrassing, Keef…

Good luck smashing aluminium and steel beer cans against your head with vigor in order to ‘feel the difference’!

Cos that’s what your mad shitposting bot mate is suggesting, in case you ain’t noticed.

If you can even find a steel beer can that is…

And yeah, Tesla suspension is FUBAR in every way possible…

Beyond debate at this point.


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I have Tweeted the owner and asked him to file a complaint but he has not done so.
Not to worry.
Keef to the rescue.

Complaint Number: 11103506
Vehicle Identification Number: UNKNOWN
Your Vehicle’s Make Model and Model Year: TESLA MODEL X 2017
Note: Your VIN, make, model, and year are all protected under the Privacy Act.
What part of your car was affected? Steering, Suspension
What happened?
I have been advised that it is preferable that owners file their own complaints of defects. Unfortunately the owner of this Tesla has not responded to my request that he does file a complaint. This is probably because he knows that if he does complain his Tesla may be devalued and he risks being blacklisted by the company. The attached photographs show yet another fractured suspension arm. The owner is identifiable from the photographs and it would be very easy for NHTSA to contact him and obtain the broken part for inspection. It would also be very easy to trace the Tesla service center records. Here is the text of the complaint that the owner has posted on twitter. His photographs of the fractured parts are included with this submission. Please investigate this. It is not an isolated incident. It is a design and manufacturing defect… @elonmusk @Tesla My Tesla X ((easily)) fell apart. My ((family)) was in the car. Tesla just replaced the part with the same part & never answered important questions I have. Feeling unsafe in your X. The manager did not care. Please have corporate call me to discuss Please note: dummy US address used because your website will not accept an overseas address. My genuine contact details are supplied.
Files you uploaded.
When did this happen? 06/01/2018
Was there a Crash? No
Was there a Fire? No
Was there an injury or fatality? No
How fast were you going? (in mph) 30
About how many miles were on your vehicle at the time of the incident? 2000