Autopilot for FROOT-LOOPS!


Complaint Number: 11092162
Vehicle Identification Number: UNKNOWN
Your Vehicle’s Make Model and Model Year: Tesla Model 3 2018
Note: Your VIN, make, model, and year are all protected under the Privacy Act.
What part of your car was affected? Speed Control, Steering, Unknown or Other
What happened?
Here is a video that has just been uploaded to YouTube: This owner thinks it is perfectly safe to jam some fruit in the steering wheel to eliminate the “hold steering wheel” nags. He does not seem to be a complete idiot. The problem is that he has been mislead by the hype spread by Tesla and CEO Elon Musk. Despite several fatal crashes Musk is still spreading the message that NHTSA found Autopilot is 40% safer than a human driver. NHTSA has now revealed that the claim was based on Tesla’s own (unverified) data. More people will die unless this uncontrolled and highly dangerous experiment is halted immediately. Please do something. Thank you. Deeply concerned citizen.
Files you uploaded.
When did this happen? 05/01/2018
Was there a Crash? No
Was there a Fire? No
Was there an injury or fatality? No
How fast were you going? (in mph) 70
About how many miles were on your vehicle at the time of the incident? 1000


Thanks to whistleblowers like you, it seems now commercial versions of this unsafe hack are essentially illegal in the US.

So it seems the efforts by you and those like you are improving safety.

Tesla dolts need protection from themselves. Regretfully Tesla dolts are a danger to society.