Bearish Activism


I believe it is incumbent on this community to take an activist role, parallel to a Long Activist. It behooves us to raise the awareness of TSLA’s auditors, underwriters and financial regulators as to the consistent misrepresentation and impossible targets articulated by the company. The performance discipline usually imposed by a company’s shareholder base is uniquely absent here, short circuited by faux altruism.
We should work our rolodexes to raise awareness of these (possibly criminal) shenanigans with those charged with financial propriety.


In a recent Wall street Journal article FiatChystler was under SEC investigation for possible stock manipulation for the shipped vs sales information. Tesla reports shipped W/o actual sales data, is the actual S model demand being cannibalized? If SEC is investigating a traditional car company for this very issue Tesla responsibility should be the same.


Will NHTSA continue to give Tesla preferential treatment and the benefit of the doubt under the Trump administration?
There are now almost 100 complaints of whompy wheels and psychotic autopilot.