Busted suspension - holy crap!


Complaint Number: 11093575
Vehicle Identification Number: UNKNOWN
Your Vehicle’s Make Model and Model Year: TESLA MODEL S 2017
Note: Your VIN, make, model, and year are all protected under the Privacy Act.
What part of your car was affected? Suspension
What happened?
Here is another complaint about the Tesla suspensions falling apart. The owner of this car is a Tesla enthusiast who owns three Teslas. I am doubtful that he will make a complaint to NHTSA himself so I am passing on this information in the public interest. Here is a link to the video he has just uploaded. https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/995816775106244609 “We have been bringing our Tesla into service several times regarding steering problems and they kept telling us they can’t find anything and assured us it’s safe to put our kids in it. My wife refused. Then this happened. @elonmusk @Tesla @TeslaMotorsClub Can someone explain?” The front wheel is moving backwards and forwards in the well and eventuallu smashes into the back of the well and rips off part of the underbody. You can see that the tread of the tire is badly worn indicating that there has been a problem with the suspension for some time. The incompetence of the Tesla Service Centre is beyond belief. Please do something about this. Concerned citizen
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When did this happen? 05/11/2018
Was there a Crash? No
Was there a Fire? No
Was there an injury or fatality? No
How fast were you going? (in mph) 5
About how many miles were on your vehicle at the time of the incident? 5000