Challenge to Elon Musk


Elon Musk - these complaints are NOT fraudulent.
I am accusing you of covering up lethal defects and causing the deaths of many innocent people.

My well documented complaints to NHTSA are listed on this website (including a complaint about the Model 3 which shares some of the same deadly suspension components as the S & X.

I’m challenging YOU to sue me for making fraudulent complaints.
You can report me to SEC as well if you wish.
I have purchased some short dated put options.
That means I can be extradited from Australia to face criminal charges in America IF my complaints are fraudulent as you allege.

What you gunna do about it Ewon?

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Calling all Tesla Whistleblowers




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Stick THAT where it hurts Elon!


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I cannot vouch that all of your complaints are legitimate, and I don’t know if you have any fraudulent intent. However I do know for a fact that Tesla, Elon Musk and his cult of suck ups, fake news sites and hacks have covered up Tesla safety issues (morally that is fraud, though I’m no legal expert so I can’t say whether or not it legally qualifies as fraud). It’s also my opinion that regulatory agencies also have been derelict, complacent and in some cases seemingly complicit with ignoring and/or covering up industry safety hazards and corporate corruption and false advertising/promotion.

Your challenge to Elon Musk, seems to indicate that there was no fraudulent intent on your part, even if you made some mistakes or misjudgments in some of your complaints.

A quote of mine from another thread:

You know things are very bad at NHTSA, when even a congressional audit concludes that NHTSA has been derelict, resulting in seemingly dangerous vehicles remaining on the road and in production without proper timely recalls.

A government audit released to Congress today said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s poor oversight of recalls may have left dangerous vehicles on the road for longer than necessary

I’m no legal expert, but I am pretty good with science and technical aspects. It’s my opinion that Tesla’s stereotyping aluminum as being as strong as steel; is a dangerous fraud; that is likely contributing to suspension and other failures in Tesla vehicles.

In my opinion regulatory agencies should go after Tesla for deceptive promotions/advertising/representations; connected to manufacturing dangerous products.

I am a scientific and safety advocate and a whistleblower against fraud. I have no vested interest in or against Tesla.

I’m concerned that some of your complaints of component failures may be from effect, rather than cause. That might be used as a dishonest copout excuse to demonize, discredit and ignore you; even if many of your complaints are about components that failed resulting in a crash, injury, property damage and/or possibly even death.


It is entirely possible that _some_of the component failures may be from effect rather than cause.
I do not file a complaint for every Tesla that I see in the junkyard.
I file a complaint for the ones that appear in my opinion likely to have failed before the crash.

To avoid flooding the database with dubious complaints I reject the cases where the car has been so badly damaged it is hard to say whether the broken part played a part in the crash.

I believe that I have presented sufficient evidence to show that there are weaknesses in the suspension that should be investigated by NHTSA.

For the first two years of my campaign against the Tesla I had zero financial position in TSLA.

I took up a short position so that I do indeed have “skin in the game” and knowing full well that making false accusations against Tesla that might drive down the share price is a criminal offence.
That’s called putting my balls on the line!


As I’m sure you have noticed; Tesla, Elon Musk and many of his evil minions will do almost anything to try to discredit, defame, harass, retaliate against, threaten; anyone that dares to criticize Tesla, expose and debunk their lies, etc.

They’ve already stereotyped you as submitting 37 of 40 fraudulent complaints.

When Elon Musk took criticism for his interference with the cave rescue, turning it into a publicity stunt, not having a realistic understanding of a scuba cave rescue; he slandered Vern Unsworth, saying he was a pedophile and implied he wasn’t part of the cave rescue; Elon Musk in his rampage Musk slandered tourists and other people that come to Thailand stereotyping them as pedophiles, insulted Thailand, insulted spelunkers and scuba divers that were part of the rescue insinuating that the soccer players could have just walked out, etc. Elon Musk and his henchmen are very greedy, sociopathic, evil and vindictive.

Interesting photo you posted.

The tire on the affected axle seems to be heavily worn; seemingly indicating there was a progressive failure, long before there was a catastrophic failure.

Do you know the story behind this? About the only way that I think I might give Tesla a free pass on this, is if the car was stolen and/or the driver was running from the police.


That incident happened in a busy urban area. There are no skid marks to indicate that the car was involved in a high speed swerve or similar event.

To see more photos of that incident and many others please Google Tesla Whompy Wheels Flickr



Here are my latest complaints.
They are about your tent-built Model 3 shit-boxes.
If you don’t have me charged for making false complaints then …
Know what I’m sayin?

Elon Musk is mentally ill and advocating mental illness

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