Director/Producer Michael Morris' Tesla fire in West Hollywood


Actress Mary McCormack is warning anyone who drives a Tesla that the popular electric car may have some safety issues

The Tesla caught on fire while it was being driven. Seemingly the Tesla gave gave no warning or the driver did not take heed of warnings as other drivers flagged down the Tesla driver to alert the driver that the vehicle was on fire. His wife, Actress Mary McCormack says she was glad her three girls worked in the vehicle at the time of the fire.

There is one or more videos of the Tesla burning and emergency responders warning people away from the Tesla fire, because of fire hazard, explosion hazard and toxic fume hazards.

At the time of this posting, there isn’t any reported evidence of this fire being the result of an accident.

So at this time: it seems like the probable cause is a battery and or some other type of electrical failure. At this time it also seems like the overhyped detection and warning system failed to detect the electrical failure and fire. If it hadn’t been for a concerned citizen alerting the Tesla driver, this may have been a much worse tragedy.

Yet, hypocritically and dishonestly; Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups are in deflection, spin, denial and hype mode. Despite the obvious safety hazards; they are greedily exploiting this near tragedy for their own financial gain to try to hype Tesla and promote the stock and automotive line.

Workers on Tesla batteries claim that Tesla model 3 batteries packs were still being hastily and recklessly being manufactured and hand assembled.

Since this appears to be a model S, if there is a subcontractor like Panasonic, Tesla will probably throw the subcontractor under the bus as a scapegoat. Though a subcontractor might be at fault, the fault also should be with Tesla. The parent company, in this case Tesla should be responsible for overseeing, and monitoring; quality control, manufacturing techniques, standards, etc.

Reportedly Tesla workers have claimed Tesla battery assembly was rushed and shoddy to try to meet production goals. In other words safety was compromised because of greed and overstated and overhyped production goal marks set by the likes of Elon Musk.

"Two current engineers told CNBC that they are concerned some of the batteries being shipped do not have the minimum gap required between lithium-ion cells.

These engineers warned that this “touching cells” flaw could cause batteries to short out or, in worse cases, catch fire."

Reportedly a Tesla spokesman hyped:
The implication that Tesla would ever deliver a car with a hazardous battery is absolutely inaccurate, contrary to all evidence, and detached from reality,”


Tesla is already claiming to be “investigating” Michael Morris’ Tesla fire. However I’m concerned that Tesla is in cover-up damage control mode; that governmental investigators should get a hold of the evidence before Tesla can taint it. Tesla is already biasing the public with hype, spin and exploiting this near tragedy for financial gain. Governmental agencies like NHTSA and NTSB should conduct their own investigations into this matter and watchdog over Tesla.

Tesla has shown to have a blatant disregard for safety and authority; like the time Elon Musk allegedly hung up on safety investigators.


This is a start, however as reported it doesn’t seem to be enough. Perhaps the reporting is toned down.

There should be a gag order put on Tesla to try to keep them from biasing the public about Tesla crashes, fires and other safety related issues. I think Tesla needs to be held accountable for misleading the public. I think there needs to be citations and prosecutions of Tesla.

Tesla should not be allowed to taint investigations. Government agencies should have access to all the data logs and witness and supervise the technical analysis of the physical evidence before Tesla has a chance to tamper with the evidence. All non-personal data and technical analysis should be made available to watchdog agencies and the public for independent review.

Assuming the battery failed; the crux of the investigation should be why and how the battery failed and why seemingly the driver was not warned, or why the warning wasn’t sufficient. I suspect there are manufacturing and quality control issues with the batteries and that the warning system is insufficient in one or more ways.

NHTSA and other governmental safety investigators need to get involved.


NTSB is investigating. NHTSA now seems to be monitoring.