Elon Musk is mentally ill and advocating mental illness


I’d take what Azealia Banks says with skepticism, however Elon Musk already has a long track record as a liar. So far Azealia Banks claims against Musk, has held more water than Elon Musk’s account of events. A pathetic soap opera.

Reportedly marijuana is another drug that Elon Musk abuses. Reportedly Elon Musk caught in another lie.

It seems Elon Musk may have deleted his Instagram, possibly to hide self-incriminating posts.

It seems that Elon Musk’s attorney may have acquired and/or withheld Azealia Banks’ phone to try to hide and/or destroy evidence against Elon Musk.

Azealia Banks Confirms Elon Musk Smokes Weed

The screenshot also goes against what Musk said to The New York Times in an interview on Friday, where he claimed that he didn’t smoke weed

It looks like Elon Musk has deleted his Instagram account

In a deleted Instagram story, documented by Cheddar journalist Hope King, Banks claimed that Musk’s attorney paid off Banks’ attorney to take her phone and delete evidence from it.

‘I’m like in tears right now’: Azealia Banks is demanding Elon Musk return her phone

“He’s got some dirty-sneaker-inbred-out of the woods- Pabst beer pussy methhead-junkie running around town telling EVERYONE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM.”

Banks went on to speculate that Musk and Grimes relationship started “All because he needed a date to the met gala to hide his shrinking dick from Amber Heard.”


Rapper Azealia Banks claims she was at Elon Musk’s house over the weekend as he was ‘scrounging for investors’

Banks also said that she was not trying to eavesdrop but that she “could hear that he was scrambling because he in fact didn’t have any funding secured.”

“He was stressed and red in the face.”

An independent secondary source confirmed that Banks was at one of Musk’s properties over the weekend.

“They bring me out there on the premise that we would hang and make music,” Banks said in a DM. “But his dumbass kept tweeting and tucked his dick in between his ass cheeks once shit hit the fan.”


To reiterate; reportedly it seems Azealia Banks alleges Grimes posted on Instagram, Grimes seemingly bragging that Grimes got Elon Musk hooked on marijuana and seem to allude to supplying marijuana to Elon Musk.

“He just got into weed cuz of me and he’s super entertained by 420”
Read more at https://www.nme.com/news/music/azealia-banks-is-now-taking-screenshots-of-her-bizarre-conversations-with-grimes-and-elon-musk-2369975#oCklRlQohT06SbGC.99

This seems to be just a small portion of the sick perverted soap opera-ish type of drama between the threesome. This is probably part of the reason that Elon Musk deleted his account and they unfriended/unfollowed each other.

I hope the SEC, DEA and other governing bodies investigate Tesla and Elon Musk on these matters.

It all seems to be related to Elon Musk’s tweet seemingly fraudulently claiming that he had already had “funding secured”.

Rapper Azealia Banks claims she was at Elon Musk’s house over the weekend as he was 'scrounging for investors’

Banks also said that she was not trying to eavesdrop but that she "could hear that he was scrambling because he in fact didn’t have any funding secured."

He was stressed and red in the face.”

An independent secondary source confirmed that Banks was at one of Musk’s properties over the weekend.

“They bring me out there on the premise that we would hang and make music,” Banks said in a DM. “But his dumbass kept tweeting and tucked his dick in between his ass cheeks once shit hit the fan.”


People are becoming more aware and more frustrated with Elon Musk’s evil totalitarian psychotic perverted morally bankrupt behavior.

It’s a s**t show: Angry Tesla insiders blast under-pressure and erratic Elon Musk and say the company is in turmoil after his month of bizarre behavior

  • Tesla employees claim Musk’s chaotic business practices are hurting company
  • He sets unrealistic targets for production and new feature on a whim, they say
  • When told what he wants isn’t practical, he doesn’t listen and doubles down
  • Sales staff say targets were often changed so they missed their commissions
  • Despite this, employees were still expected to feel sorry for Musk’s public woes

Shame on those who look up to the likes of Elon Musk and Adolf Hitler.


It seems Tesla’s and Elon Musk’s immoral, psychotic behaviors, abusiveness & policies, low pay, and disregard for safety; is triggering a mass exodus of Tesla’s cream of the crop. It seems almost anyone that tries to stand up to do was his right is retaliated against by Tesla, Elon Musk and his cult of suck ups. Elon Musk and his cult of suck ups are neo-Nazis.

Tesla blames lack of cash on employee exodus to Apple


When every else was interested in trying to save the boys trapped in the cave; it seems Elon Musk was thinking about molesting them.

Elon Musk bashed and seemingly slandered one of the cave rescuers, Now Elon is bashing the cave rescuer seemingly again accusing the cave rescuer of being a pedophile again. Elon never gave any proof supporting his claim. Now Elon is attacking the cave rescuer for not suing Elon,
suggesting that since the cave rescuer didn’t sue Elon, that the cave rescuer is a pedophile.

I think the Tesla board is derelict and putting the company at risk by allowing Elon to continue as CEO.

Elon said it would be lame for the unicorn rainbow fart artist, to sue; yet Elon is attacking the cave rescuer for not suing. Elon is insanely speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Duplicity.

Elon tweeting on drugs again?

Elon Musk again insinuates cave diver is a pedophile: “You don’t think it’s strange he hasn’t sued me?”

Elon Musk is Asking Twitter Users Why The British Diver He Called a ‘Pedo’ Hasn’t Sued Yet

Elon Musk Has Revisited His Baseless Pedophile Claims

Elon Musk renews attack on British caver he accused of being a paedophile

Elon Musk May Not Be Sorry About His ‘Pedo’ Tweet
Musk is back and active on Twitter.

Elon Musk Can’t Stop Baselessly Calling Hero Cave Rescuer A Pedophile

Elon Musk Again Implies on Twitter British Thai Cave Diver Is a Pedophile

Elon Musk risks controversy by revisiting cave diver tweet

Elon Musk Is Doubling Down on the Pedo Thing

Elon Musk renews attacks on British cave diver he once called ‘pedo’

Elon Musk Continues Attack On British Diver He Called A ‘Pedo’

‘WHY HASN’T HE SUED?’ Elon Musk appears to claim Brit cave hero Vern Unsworth is a ‘paedo’ AGAIN – one month after he apologised for outrageous slur

You don’t think it’s strange he hasn’t sued me?’ Elon Musk doubles down on ‘pedo guy’ claim about British diver who rescued kids from Thailand cave

Elon Musk is his own worst enemy. It seems Elon Musk is the worst enemy of Tesla.


Elon Musk is a crybaby. A girl child. A prima donna.

Whether or not Elon Musk literally cried tears or not. His and his suck ups; temper tantrums, hissy fits are crybabies, whiners. The “B” word, for female dogs.

Elon Musk says he didn’t cry when he told The New York Times about his ‘excruciating’ year and lonely nights at the Tesla factory. The Times says his ‘emotion was audible.’

Tesla’s Elon Musk says he didn’t cry during interview

Tesla’s Elon Musk Says He Shed No Tears in New York Times Interview


Is Elon Musk so crazy and morally bankrupt that he wants in on something even though he thinks it is a scam?

Did the real Elon Musk tweet “At this point, I want ETH even if it is a scam.” ?

Elon Musk says he wants Ethereum [ETH] “even if its a scam”, crypto-Twitter erupts


Were supposed to have sympathy for crazy crybaby drama queen, drug addict, violent tempered greedy sociopath, slander, etc.

Elon Musk Cries About His Tears


Cave diver prepares to sue Elon Musk over ‘pedo’ claim

Diver attacked by Elon Musk as “pedo guy” is prepping a libel suit

The British diver who Elon Musk called a ‘pedo’ is preparing to sue Musk for libel

The Rescuer Elon Musk Called A “Pedo” Is Preparing A Libel Claim

HITTING BACK Brit hero cave diver Vernon Unsworth’s mum reveals her son IS preparing to sue Elon Musk over ‘paedo guy’ slur
The billionaire initially apologised for his remarks but has now repeated the slur prompting the Thailand cave rescue hero to consult lawyers


Reportedly Elon Musk had been notified that a defamation suit was being processed against him for his slanderous attacks on the cave rescuer.

Reportedly the Tesla board had told Elon Musk not to tweet; so seemingly in defiance of the Tesla board Elon Musk continued to tweet things that seem to be slanderous, dishonest and crazy.

Elon Musk ignores Tesla board and keeps tweeting

Turns Out That ‘Pedo’ Diver’s Lawyer Did Contact Elon Musk

Lawyer: We’re ‘finalizing’ a libel lawsuit against Elon Musk over ‘pedo’ tweet

Elon Musk and his suck ups keep on falsely blaming others for the problems and volatilities in Tesla stock, production, etc… However in fact it is largely the immoral, irrational, psychotic behavior of Elon Musk and his cult following that is fueling volatility, has destroyed the reputation of Tesla, and is risking destroying the company.

This is another way Elon Musk is acting a lot like Adolf Hitler. It was Adolf Hitler’s psychotic behavior that led to the destruction of Germany, even when Adolf Hitler realized that his leadership was failing and it was inevitable that Germany would lose the war. Hitler refused to stop his failed methodology and refused to consider surrender terms. Adolf Hitler and Elon Musk seem determined to take down their entire empire and take as many of their followers to destruction. They only cared about themselves. Extreme sociopaths. Greedy addicts.


Did Elon Musk have an anger based mental breakdown in the factory during a tour? Allegedly banging his head on a Tesla that was on the assembly line. Allegedly firing a senior engineer manager for advocating safety practices. Elon Musk seemingly advocating to override/bypass manufacturing safety protocol.

Tesla (Sort of) Denies Elon Musk ‘Headbutted’ a Car During Factory Tour in New WSJ Profile

Elon Musk reportedly became angry and head-butted a car at Tesla’s factory because the assembly line would stop when people got too close to it

Is Elon Musk his own worst enemy?

Elon Musk Faces His Own Worst Enemy


Things We Saw Today: The Internet Has Decided! The Very Worst Fans Belong to Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Idea of ‘Excellent’ Journalism Comes From an Alleged Sex Cult

It’s hard to understand why people look up to evil, vindictive, hateful, greedy, selfish, ignorant, perverted people like Elon Musk. Elon Musk suck ups are a lot like Nazi storm troopers that idolized and were blindly obedient to Adolf Hitler.

Stop treating tech jerks like gods


The alleged email by Elon Musk claims there is only one reason to go to Pattaya Beach; child sex trafficking.

Elon Musk makes it sound like the only reason people go to the Chiang Rai region is for child sex trafficking; yet hypocritically didn’t Elon Musk and his team go there? So is Elon Musk making a Freudian slip and psychological projection, that the reason Elon Musk and his team went to the region was to have sex with children?

In New Email, Elon Musk Accuses Cave Rescuer Of Being A “Child Rapist” And “Hopes” For A Lawsuit

In an email to BuzzFeed News, Tesla CEO Elon Musk accused a Thai cave rescuer of moving to Thailand to take a child bride. The rescuer denied all the claims.

Again Elon Musk seems to be asserting himself as a pedophile expert.

If Elon Musk has had proof of his assertions, then why hasn’t he publicly presented it? He’s making accusations, he should support his claims!

Elon Musk tells a reporter to ‘stop defending child rapists’ as he doubles down on attacking Thailand cave rescuer (TSLA)


At first I was a little skeptical that the email was genuine.

However since Tesla nor Elon Musk has denied that it was a genuine email from Elon, seems to suggest it was sent by Elon Musk.

I think the board and others should have done some sort of intervention to get Elon Musk psychiatric help and keep him off the Internet and away from the media and other public venues so he wouldn’t have done so much damage to Tesla Inc. and stock. I think he needs some coveralls with extra long sleeves that tie in the back and put him in a padded cell on heavy psychiatric drugs and let him detox from alcohol and illicit drugs.

Lowlifes that look up to Elon Musk are like those that look up to Adolf Hitler.

This also seems to show that behind the scenes that Elon Musk hates Free Press and Free Speech. A pattern of abuse by Elon Musk and his suck ups for years.

So someone who doesn’t automatically sue must be guilty? So Jesus was guilty of sedition?

I get the impression that Jesus didn’t sue because it would have distracted from his message and mission. I also get the impression that Jesus often didn’t argue, because no matter what he would’ve said, his accusers would have twisted his words around to make him look guilty.

I also suspect that Vernon Unsworth may be reluctant to sue because he has better things to do and because a giant evil corporation and psychotic criminals like Elon Musk can afford and probably has the most expensive efficient shysters. So even when someone is innocent, they often don’t stand much of a chance against a giant evil corporation like Tesla or an evil tyrant like Elon Musk.

I wonder what the Prime Minister of Thailand thinks of Elon Musk; now that Elon Musk slandered the cave rescuers and seemingly has typecast everyone in Thailand as pedophiles.

So according to Elon Musk, we are supposed to presume Vernon Unsworth guilty, unless proven innocent? How hypocritical and anti-American and anti-justice of Elon musk!


I’m judging Musk guilty of murder by Slaughterpilot and fragile suspensions.
He hasn’t denied it.


Thanks for your post. I almost posted something to that effect.

Elon Musk and his suck ups often have hissy fits and cry slander when whistleblowers, the media, are critical and skeptical of Elon Musk or Tesla.

Hypocritically; Elon Musk wants everyone to assume that Vernon Unsworth is guilty yet Elon Musk is innocent.

Hypocritically wants everyone to assume since Vernon Unsworth seemingly hasn’t officially started a full-blown lawsuit against Elon Musk and Tesla that Vernon Unsworth is guilty. Yet hypocritically Elon Musk and Tesla don’t sue those that they claim are slandering them. Some like you are even so bold to challenge Elon Musk and or Tesla to sue them!

Instead of suing Elon Musk and his suck ups have continued Joseph Goebbels like smear campaigns against you and other critics and skeptics. Elon Musk has even seemingly called a reporter an “asshole” for assuming the innocence of Vernon Unsworth, unless proven guilty. Also in the process Elon Musk and his suck ups seem to be showing a racial prejudice against Thailand. Thailand does have a poor track record with sex trafficking, but it’s wrong to assume everyone in the nation is a pervert.

So far I’ve seen more evidence that Elon Musk is a pedophile then Vernon Unsworth. When everyone else was talking about and showing concern about rescuing the trapped children; Elon Musk was thinking about and talking about pedophilia.

Elon Musk and his suck ups are like neo-Nazi dictators that expect to judge and all the all of media and public to be ignorantly blindly obedient.


Hero British diver Vernon Unsworth’s 40-year-old girlfriend breaks her silence to demolish ‘laughable’ claims by billionaire Elon Musk that he is a paedophile

  • Woranan Ratrawiphukkun, 40, has been with Vernon Unsworth for seven years
  • She runs a nail salon and has rubbished claims her partner is a paedophile
  • Musk reignited his attack on the British cave diver by saying he has a child bride
  • Tesla CEO previously accused Unsworth of being a ‘pedo guy’ after he helped free the 12 boys trapped in a flooded Thai cave in July
  • Now the billionaire has made further allegations against Unsworth in a series of rambling emails he sent to Buzzfeed News that were published on Tuesday

Elon Musk’s Increasingly Erratic Behavior Comes At A Price For Tesla Shareholders

He’s losing it.

I don’t think Elon Musk is losing it, I think he lost his mind a long time ago. Perhaps he never really had it.

It seems Elon Musk behavior has become so psychotic that more people are starting to and wake up and smell the coffee and realize how nuts, dishonest and ignorant Elon Musk and his suck ups are.

I get the impression Elon Musk’s and his suck ups honeymoon is over. Their evil psychotic ways are dragging Tesla and its stock down; and might drag it down so far as to destroy it.

Elon Musk’s latest accusations are ‘vile and false,’ says caver’s lawyer

The lawyer for a British caver has described the latest reported insults against his client by Elon Musk as “vile and false,” repeating a vow to sue the tech billionaire.


The rhetoric of safety from Tesla is obviously false. Tesla has an insane disregard for safety,
that seems to be largely because of Elon Musk and his cult.

Allegedly Tesla and Elon Musk have a history of workplace safety complacency and hostility toward industry standards for safety. Allegedly workers felt they had to bypass safety procedures and work with unsafe equipment.

In 2014:

OSHA ruled that poor maintenance and a broken safety interlock caused the accident. OSHA also found that Tesla didn’t properly train the employees on the equipment and didn’t enforce a policy that required eye and face protection.


More recently yet again Elon Musk reportedly seems to be having hissy fits over safety protocol. Allegedly headbutting a Tesla on an assembly line, seemingly to mock the safety protocol and seemingly to encourage/pressure Tesla employees to override and bypass safety procedures.

Even though Elon Musk is supposedly an engineer and senior management; he is so childish, greedy and has such an ignorance and disregard for safety; that he doesn’t seem to be knowledgeable or concerned that the amount of force applied by an automotive assembly line can crush, decapitate and kill.

Elon Musk should know better, but he doesn’t and or he doesn’t care.

Reportedly not long ago a Tesla worker had a jaw crushed by an assembly line robot.

Yet Another Probe After Worker At Tesla Plant Had His Jaw Broken By Equipment

Reportedly Elon Musk is noncompliant with safety industry standards regarding how to mark dangerous areas because of his insane pet peeves.

Report: Tesla Factory Workers Are in Danger Because Elon Musk Hates the Color Yellow


British caver branded a ‘child rapist’ by Elon Musk after he saved lives of 12 Thai boys says he’ll take billionaire to court in Thailand, UK and US

  • Musk reignited his attack on the British cave diver by saying he has a child bride
  • Tesla CEO previously accused Vernon Unsworth of being a ‘paedo guy’
  • 63-year-old considering using Thai courts because they could hand a jail term
  • His girlfriend, Woranan Ratrawiphukkun, 40, added that she was ‘no child bride’

Atlanta lawyer says he’ll sue Elon Musk for attacking Thailand cave rescuer