Elon Musk is mentally ill and advocating mental illness


Elon Musk and his suck ups have a long history of lying and slandering many people. That’s one of the many reasons that Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups has such a bad reputation. It is a cult of evil. The people that look up to Elon Musk are like people that look up to Adolf Hitler.

Tesla, Elon Musk, his suck ups, the Tesla forums, and the anti-truth tabloid fake news sites that shill for Tesla like; Electrek, CleanTechnica, InsideEVs, Green Car Reports and shills like Fred Lambert don’t really care about the truth, safety or the environment. They are evil. It is a cult of ignorance, evil, greed, etc.

Though I think Vern ought to win in court, I’m skeptical he will win. Tesla and Elon Musk have lots of money and little scruples to get shysters and buy influence.

If Vern really was a pedophile, Elon musk should have provided real evidence long ago rather than applying a racist stereotype of an entire country and seemingly slandering Vern out of petty vengeance because Vern spoke the truth about Elon Musk greedily distracting from the cave rescue efforts trying to exploit the tragedy for financial gain. Elon Musk is an evil, greedy, mentally ill attention whore.

Elon Musk Is Being Sued For Calling Cave Diver A ‘Pedo Guy’

Elon Musk sued for more than $75,000 by rescue volunteer he called a ‘child rapist’

Elon Musk faces lawsuit over ‘pedo’ slur


Thai cave rescue diver sues Elon Musk for defamation over repeated ‘pedo’ comments
Musk previously apologised before doubling down on the comments, asking why he had not been sued if he was wrong with his accusations

SpaceX founder Elon Musk sued by diver who helped with Thai cave rescue



The brain drain and exodus from Tesla continues.

It seems Elon Musk keeps setting unrealistic goals then using subordinates as sacrificial lambs, seemingly often given the opportunity to fall on their swords for their master or being given walking papers with nondisclosure agreements. Many seem eager to jump ship, realizing that in many ways Tesla and Elon Musk are sinking to new innovative moral depths of depravity. Many seem eager to flee the stench of Elon Musk manure and perversion.

Tesla’s supply management head leaves amid executive exodus


Elon Musk appeared to be a mentally ill drug addict and con; as he announced his latest plans to send people to the moon.

Here’s What’s So Worrying About Elon Musk’s Latest Moon Plans

Elon Musk promised the moon before and failed.

Elon Musk’s Moon Mission Is Exciting, Audacious … and Iffy

The company is also scheduled to begin carrying astronauts to the International Space Station in 2018—though that schedule has slipped from 2017 and could slip some more

I suspect SpaceX likely could get a rocket to the moon, but I suspect it would be an extremely high risk to do it so soon and with a loose nut at the helm. One of Elon Musk’s many problems as he seems to be a high-stakes high risk gambling addict. If he comes through, he and SpaceX has a lot to gain. If he loses his high-risk bet it could destroy or at least permanently diminish the potential of SpaceX and other companies he is a CEO for. He seems to be betting nearly everything on an extremely high risk venture. I predict he will fail to meet the target date again. Regretfully I think there is a very high likelihood to result in deaths.

I’m also concerned about the contamination, and exploitation of the moon. It shows that Elon Musk and his suck ups don’t care about the environment of the moon. Even though NASA tried very hard not to contaminate the moon, they did. Elon Musk and his minions are much more careless.

Harming the environment of the earth and exploiting the natural resources of earth is not enough for Elon Musk and his suck ups. They are evil and psychotic. Take Mars for example.

How Elon Musk’s Tesla Could Contaminate Mars With Earth Bacteria

Elon Musk and those that look up to him are environmental terrorists. They are ignorant, insane, evil and don’t care about the environment on earth or elsewhere. They don’t care about real science or the environment. They don’t understand climate change.

Elon Musk elaborates on his proposal to nuke Mars

Part of the reason Mars has nearly no atmosphere is because it cooled thus lost nearly all of its magnetic field. When it lost its magnetic field, the solar wind ripped away most of the atmosphere. So any such attempt to restore the atmosphere will be temporary, futile and destructive.

Any such attempt also may destroy any life that might be on Mars and would likely taint and destroy evidence of possible life and other scientific evidence on Mars.

Elon Musk has much in common with Adolf Hitler. Those that follow and look up to him have a lot in common with Nazis.