Keef banned from Twitter for a week!


I can’t really understand why.
I just said that Elon Musk has much in common with a ladies private parts.
So, I’m starting this temporary thread so that I can keep my devoted followers updated on the latest Tesla disasters.

Let’s kick off with a collapsed suspension.
A week ago an owner reported on the TMC that his suspension had broken


The TMC members said rude things about the owner (and about me) and he was told to go forth and multiply.
Fast forward a week…

FLMSOwner, Yesterday at 12:18 PM
Wow, just picked my car back up, all work completed in one day. All work was done under warranty. They weren’t sure why the part failed. The service center was great and got everything was done very quickly. Faith in Tesla restored. Here is what was fixed:

Corrections: Steering Rack and Lower Column General Diagnosis

Checked and found the drivers side fore lower control arm to be separating from the lower ball joint. Recommend replacement of the fore and aft drivers side lower control arms, outer knuckle, wheel and passenger side fore lower control arm.

SO… he’s all fixed up.
Nothing to see here…move along peoples!

Hello…NHTSA?.. Keef here, I’d like to report another case of WHOMPY WHEELS.


Anybody know what happened here?
I was hoping for a tweet from Ewon - safest car in the world… derpy derp derp.