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I am not against Green energy …I am against GREEN ENERGY SCAMS…
This is how I first realised how they work.
Short version… The planet is in danger, only my Green Widget Energy saving thingy can rescue us.
Send munny.

Not only is Tesla a swindle but it KILLS PEOPLE!

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I’ll just repeat my challenge to Musk…



Jul 19

Elon Musk - these complaints are NOT fraudulent.
I am accusing you of covering up lethal defects and causing the deaths of many innocent people.

My well documented complaints to NHTSA are listed on this website (including a complaint about the Model 3 which shares some of the same deadly suspension components as the S & X.

I can’t afford to take YOU to court for defamation so instead I’m challenging YOU to sue me for making fraudulent complaints.
You can report me to SEC as well if you wish.
I have purchased some short dated put options.
That means I can be extradited from Australia to face criminal charges in America IF my complaints are fraudulent as you allege.

What you gunna do about it Ewon?

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I have sufficient training, qualifications, and experience in mechanical engineering to judge that the Tesla suspensions are unsafe.
I have provided evidence of hundreds of cases where the Tesla suspensions have snapped off without good cause.
It is an absolute certainty that people ave been killed and injured because of these suspension failures.

Rather than acknowledge and remedy the problem Elon Musk has chosen to defame me by calling my complaints to NHTSA fraudulent and calling me unhinged.

He has encouraged his followers and his paid shill Fred Lambert to attack me on every available forum.

I started filing these NHTSA complaints because I am trying to prevent more people getting killed.
I did not hold any shares or have any financial position in TSLA or any other company.

After Elon Musk called my complaints fraudulent I deliberately invested in TSLA put options.
This means that I am putting my balls on the line!
If my complaints are in any way fraudulent I will be liable for prosecution by SEC and NHTSA.

This matter needs to be resolved.

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Thanks to all those of you who have already shown their support.

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