Laguna Beach California Tesla model S crash. Autopilot lane departure?


Reportedly on May 29, 2018 at Laguna Beach California Tesla driver crashed into a police vehicle claiming that her Tesla model S was on autopilot. It appears the Tesla model S departed the traffic lane into a parking lane. The Tesla driver was injured but refused emergency transport for treatment.

So it seems the driver may be at fault for inattention, so Tesla will likely as usual scapegoat the driver.

The “Swiss Cheese Model” should be used instead of the Tesla scapegoat mentality of focusing all the blame on the driver/owner. Figuratively throwing their own customers/drivers under the bus.

I suspect as usual there is plenty of blame to go around, that the buck should not stop with blaming the driver. It seems that tesla’s anti-collision (aka automated emergency braking) failed to prevent the crash. Also if Tesla’s “autopilot” was on then it would be at fault and probably all the hype from Tesla, Elon Musk and cult following are at fault for driver inattention, complacency and dependency on overhyped unsafe premature lagging technology that Tesla has skimped on.

“Tesla Model S In Autopilot Hits Parked Police SUV In California”