NTSB kicks off investigation of June 15 Tesla battery fire in Santa Monica, Calif


The NTSB seems to be fixating on the emergency responder issues, but seemingly neglecting trying to figure out the cause of the failure. It seems to be giving a free pass to Tesla. It’s important to know if there are design problems, manufacturing problems and/or quality control problems.

NTSB kicks off Tesla battery fire investigation

2 federal agencies take closer look into Tesla fire

Tesla Catches Fire in the US, Faulty Battery Probable Cause


WHY does Tesla use SEVEN GALLONS of highly flammable preheated Ethylene Glycol coolant that is piped through the very front of the car?
One spark and WHOOMPH!

This is insane.


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The battery coolant can be dangerous, flammable and explosive; however it also helps keep the batteries cool so they last longer and are less likely to have thermal runaway and explosions under normal circumstances.

The battery coolant in the Tesla doesn’t typically readily “spark” off. It’s not necessarily ethylene glycol, I think it is propylene glycol. It’s moot because they are both flammable and explosive. Propylene glycol is more common nowadays because it is generally less toxic than ethylene glycol.

Though the coolant is generally beneficial during normal circumstances; when and if there is a battery fire,
the coolant can contribute to secondary fires and explosions. At normal temperatures, coolant isn’t so flammable or explosive. However after it’s heated up as in a battery or car fire; often the coolant can form a vaporized cloud, once it reaches its flashpoint there can be flashover fires and explosions from the coolant. “WHOOMPH!”

The flashover fires and explosions (“WHOOMPH!”) can be dangerous to emergency responders and spectators that think they are at a safe distance; when they are not. The vaporizing coolant can look like smoke, so sometimes emergency responders and spectators think they are at a safe distance when they are actually near or in a cloud of flammable vapors that could flashover in flames and/or in an explosion.

In the wind up phase and in the early production of the Tesla model S; Elon Musk suck ups often dominated forums and comment sections falsely claiming that Tesla batteries were nonflammable, non-toxic, nonexplosive, landfill safe, and nonhazardous. Often “moderators” censored, banned, slandered whistleblowers that posted the truth. Elon Musk suck ups; slandered, harassed, stalked, threatened, flagged/censored those that told the truth that Tesla batteries are toxic, flammable, explosive, hazardous, not landfill safe, not environmentally safe, etc. The Tesla culture is much like Joseph Goebbels’ henchmen.

Forums including official Tesla forum; has had a long history of covering up safety issues and censoring & banning safety advocates. Though complaints were made to Tesla Corporation; they still allowed crooked moderators on the forms to cover up safety issues, and to slander, harass, threaten and censor safety advocates that were posting the truth that debunked dangerous and dishonest Tesla hype and lies. Proving that Tesla prioritizes hype to promote short-term sales; rather than putting safety and the long-term sales as a priority.

In the videos Tesla battery cells are popping off explosions like firecrackers and sometimes like grenades (“WHOOMPH!”). The video of the Tesla burning in Mexico seems to show one or more flashover fires/explosions (“WHOOMPH!”) after the battery fires heat the coolant to its flashpoint.

Also note that sometimes Tesla batteries shoot off like Roman candles as in the stolen Tesla crash in Hollywood. That can spread and set secondary fires.

Reportedly a subcontractor of Tesla for recycling batteries caught fire, release toxic fumes and had explosions. (“WHOOMPH!”)

Explosions and fire at battery recycling plant in Trail, BC - TMTV News