NTSB preliminary report of a Tesla that burned two teenagers to death in Fort Lauderdale


NTSB preliminary report found that the Tesla battery reignited twice. This is the crash in Florida that burned two trapped teenagers to death as would be rescuers looked on. Despite previous reassurances by Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups that previously reassured the public that there should be adequate time to escape a Tesla if it ever caught on fire. Before and during the startup of production of the model S Tesla, Tesla shills falsely assured the public that Tesla batteries were nonflammable. The Tesla forum and the Tesla Motors Club forum deleted posts, hid posts that whistleblowers corrected Tesla shills and criticized Tesla shills for disseminating false dangerous information. Those forums and fake news sites have a history of censoring and banning safety advocates and environmental advocates that debunk Tesla hype and fraud.

The NTSB report found that the Tesla that crashed in Fort Lauderdale Florida and the battery reignited twice and that the Tesla was going 115 miles an hour before the crash.

Tesla scapegoated the parents, for letting the child continue to drive after getting a speeding ticket. While the parents might partly be at fault, Tesla is trying to distract attention away from its own faults that led up to this and other crashes, fires and fatalities.

Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups overhyped Tesla safety. Thus giving drivers and owners a false sense of security and invincibility.

Tesla wasted time and money on gimmicks like Easter eggs, instead of making safety a high priority. For years Tesla owners and drivers have been begging for features to improve safety, like a valet mode that could limit the acceleration, speed, and other factors. Such a castrated mode could be used to reduce the danger to teenagers and others that may drive a Tesla that are more likely to abuse and not have the experience and responsibility to properly handle the acceleration.

It took a lot of blood to be shed, before Tesla took heed of safety advocates recommendations. Too little too late. The fake news tabloid hack has spun all too late feature as a dedication to one of the teens that was killed in the Florida Tesla crash.

Elon Musk has praised tabloids that report fake news and use such hacks that shill for Tesla; as Pravada. Elon Musk and his hate cult; have inadvertently shown that they hate free speech and free press. They have shown that they admire totalitarian fake news, like the former Soviet bloc newspaper Pravada; who Elon is so enamored with. Ironically showing that Elon and his minions have a disregard for truth.

The victim’s aunt thought the vehicle was a loner that limited to 85 mph.


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