Reported, Tesla Body Production Fire, Sunday 6-18-18. Tesla disregards safety


But how could this be? After all we had Elon Musk’s assurance of safe working conditions at Tesla.

Elon Musk seems to throw suspicion toward sabotage. Another red herring?

But how could that be? After all Tesla and fake news sources reassure us that laid off employees are thankful.

Of course now there are complaints about alleged conditions to severance packages, that benefits might be forfeited if anyone complains about Tesla’s unsafe working conditions, etc.

“Tesla severance deal is likely to deter laid-off workers from publicizing safety concerns, experts say”

I’m by far a legal expert. Ethically; I can’t understand how such conditions could be legal in a contract. If it’s not a violation of law, it should be. Safety and free speech should be prioritized.

If what is reported is true about the conditions of the severance packages, is just one more of many examples that prove safety is not a top priority for Tesla.