Reportedly a Tesla caught fire in the UK, AFTER accident recovery


Emergency responders, storage and disposal personnel may not be properly informed, knowledgeable or trained regarding Tesla and other electric powered vehicles.

Especially with fraudulent claims like from Tesla, that have falsely claimed Tesla batteries are landfills safe, non-toxic, nonhazardous, environmentally safe, etc.

There is so much ignorant and dishonest misinformation from the Tesla cult; that at one time they were claiming Tesla batteries were nonflammable and non-toxic.

Tesla, Elon Musk, Tesla suck ups including fake news sites and hacks have no credibility as they have been misleading the public for years.

Part of the reason many emergency responders, storage and disposal personnel are not up to speed on battery-powered vehicles is because the usage has been rare; however it is now becoming more commonplace. Also part of the reason is because greedy evil corporations like Tesla and their minions are secretive, deceptive, and ignorant about the technology.

Tesla, and Elon Musk didn’t even take heed of their own emergency responder guide that alluded to Tesla batteries being toxic, hazardous, flammable, etc.

EV Fires Spark Safety Concerns in U.K.

It was reported a U.K. Tesla caught fire after it had been recovered by emergency services