Reportedly: "Tesla ends lifetime Supercharging offer"


Tesla ends lifetime Supercharging offer

Tesla to end its lifetime free Supercharging offer soon
Tesla seems to be finding it tough to offer Supercharging for free.

Tesla is ending its lifetime free Supercharging offer
It’s ending the referral program that kept the offer alive.

Tesla seems to be struggling to obtain profitability and using bait and switch tactics and fine print disclaimers to scale back and in some respects discontinue quasi-“free supercharging”.

The claim of “free supercharging” by Tesla and shills/fan boys has been somewhat dubious from the start. Often essentially have to pay up front for something that is “free” is fraudulent to me. I think it is a shady form of deceptive advertising that the SEC should look into.

Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups seem to be master innovators of fraud and bait and switch, and dubious fine print.

Besides Tesla being investigated, I think Elon Musk, Tesla forums, and anti-truth tabloid fake news sites that shill for Tesla like; Electrek, CleanTechnica, InsideEVs, Green Car Reports and shills like Fred Lambert should all be investigated by the SEC. It seems to be a pattern of illicit serendipitous fraudulent advertising techniques scheme.

Seems telling Tesla seems to be shirking paying some of its suppliers, and other contractors to try to cook the books to appear profitable.