Sabotage and espionage within Tesla against Tesla, or is Elon Musk crazy lying again?


Sabotage and espionage within Tesla against Tesla, or is Elon Musk crazy lying again?

Were these alleged incidents as portrayed, or is this an exaggeration or a “phony war” aka “wag the dog scenario” to draw attention away from Tesla’s problems and failures? Perhaps another copout excuse to miss production goals that are already months behind schedule?

“quite extensive and damaging sabotage”…“sabotage included the using of false usernames to make changes to the code used in the Tesla Manufacturing Operation System”

“exporting large amounts of highly sensitive Tesla data to unknown third parties”

““full extent” of the saboteur’s actions were not yet known, it appeared that the employee was disgruntled over not getting a promotion”

Something seems fishy about these claims. In my opinion it doesn’t pass the smell test. Sounds like legally they would be crimes. Then shouldn’t law enforcement be notified and investigating the matter? If it is thought to be a crime and if law enforcement is investigating the matter; wouldn’t it be subverting law-enforcement and the investigation for Elon Musk to be shooting off his mouth so much about such a matter? Wouldn’t Elon Musk be obstructing justice by subverting the investigation?

I’m far from a legal expert; but it doesn’t seem to hold up because there seems to be contradictions. I get the impression that Elon Musk is feeding the paranoia, delusions, and hatemongering of his minions.


Now reportedly; Elon Musk’s email says:

The full extent of his actions are not yet clear, but what he has admitted to so far is pretty bad. His stated motivation is that he wanted a promotion that he did not receive. In light of these actions, not promoting him was definitely the right move,


If the alleged admitted saboteur confessed to sabotage; yet then why doesn’t Tesla know who the alleged stolen data was sent to?

How come there is no report of charges or an arrest?

Is this merely another publicity stunt, a red herring, a wag the dog scenario? Or was there really sabotage and espionage?

Though over the air updates has its advantages, however if a Tesla employee could sabotage the company and steal data; it increases concerns that over the air updates could be used by malicious entities to sabotage Tesla vehicles.

Some of my concerns about over the air updates; is could it be used by a saboteur/terrorist to disable vehicles, cause brake malfunctions, unintended/uncommanded acceleration, “autopilot” autonomous mode to swerve the vehicle into oncoming traffic, stationary objects, etc.? Terroristic version of Tesla, Kamikaze mode/Kevorkian mode!


Tesla files lawsuit against alleged saboteur, spy, whistleblower.

Elon Musk claims the former Tesla engineer is a saboteur and spy, that has made terroristic threats. Yet the accused, claims he is a whistleblower.

The alleged saboteur/spy/terrorist/whistleblower announces intent for a countersuit.

Tesla claims he was threatening to shoot up the place. Tesla allegedly reported it to the police.


Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups portrayed the Tesla automobile as being unhackable over the air. However facts from recent events seem to suggest it is a possible realistic threat. It would be difficult for an outsider to insert malicious code to sabotage Tesla’s in the field. However it would be much easier for an insider to insert code that could harm customer cars over the air.

Imagine a Tesla over the air update with hidden malicious code by a terrorist/saboteur that could disable brakes, cause steering toward oncoming traffic or stationary objects, cause unintended acceleration, disable vehicles, etc.

It could target an individual, group or all Tesla’s.

Tesla’s alleged rogue employee is exactly what Congress is worried about with self-driving cars

Over the air updates can be a dangerous vulnerability. Reportedly an over the air update glitch disabled Tesla "automatic emergency braking"

In the lawsuit; Tesla incorporated, is listed as a Delaware corporation?

So that means that Tesla is also considered a corporation?

So it seems Tesla is an evil greedy corporation, even though their minions deny they are a corporation.


No need to hack the Terdsla.
It will do all of the above as standard practise.


The soap opera continues.

The alleged saboteur/spy should be considered innocent by the court of law, unless and until proven guilty.

I suspect the alleged disgruntled Tesla employee that is allegedly is a saboteur/spy that allegedly made terroristic threats; might have done some wrong doing. However I’m also skeptical of Tesla and Elon Musk. I suspect the truth might be a combination, somewhere in the middle.

However it seems hypocritically that Tesla requested Apple preserve personal information on the accused, without presenting a court order. Elon Musk has idolized the Soviet bloc Provida where the government and the powerful controlled almost everything, and the citizens had next to nil in rights. Hypocritically Tesla seems to want privacy, yet wants to violate the privacy of the accused. Instead of using due process, Tesla seems to be using totalitarian, mafioso, strong-arm tactics that violate civil rights.

Apple refused to comply with Tesla’s demands, unless proper legal due process is followed.

Tesla is also trying to get others like Facebook, Dropbox, Open Whisper, Signal, AT&T Whatsapp, Google and Microsoft to preserve the communication and data of the accused.

Elon Musk has made rants that seemed borderline paranoid, suspecting automakers, Tesla stock shorts and or possibly others for possibly being behind a vast conspiracy to spy on Tesla,
steal from Tesla, and sabotage Tesla. As crazy as some of these Elon Musk rants sound, there might be some shreds of truth to them.

There is some truth to your jest.

Though I doubt it, I wonder if some of the previous crashes could have been the result of some sort of over the air tampering/sabotage.

What’s more concerning is that perhaps the entire Tesla line could be sabotaged via over the air updates. What if a terrorist/saboteur inserted some code into an over the air update to make all Teslas, malfunction, crash and or become disabled?

It’s concerning that the Tesla dolt cult has tried to portray Tesla vehicles as being invulnerable to over the air hacks.

The department of homeland security admitted that the airline industry possibly could be vulnerable to an over air attack. Yet the Tesla cult has been in such denial that it could have similar vulnerabilities.

Seemingly US military surveillance aircraft may have been hacked over the air and hijacked/commandeered. So it seems foolish for Tesla dolts to assume Tesla systems are not hackable over the air.

Over the air updates can be a dangerous vulnerability. Reportedly an over the air update glitch disabled Tesla "automatic emergency braking"

Reportedly Martin Tripp (saboteur, spy and/or whistleblower) is now suing Tesla for $1 million, for defamation.

Tesla’s Alleged ‘Saboteur’ Files $1 Million Defamation Suit Against Automaker

Reportedly the alleged saboteur/spy has filed an SEC complaint against tesla.
Reportedly Elon Musk and his henchmen continue to threaten, harass, slander, etc.; whistleblowers, skeptics and critics.

Elon Musk Resorts to Schoolyard Taunts and Worse in War vs. Tesla Short Sellers


It’s blatantly obvious that Tesla, Elon Musk and his minions are chronic liars that have no credibility. Yet I’m also skeptical of the alleged (spy, saboteur and/or whistleblower). Perhaps he is a spy, saboteur and/or whistleblower. Perhaps it is a combination. However there seems to be some effort by Tesla and Elon Musk to skew things.

I feel this alleged incident should be reported to the NTSB, NHSA and SEC.

It might help confirm Martin Tripp’s allegations that dangerous model S batteries were shipped with intentions to be in production vehicles.

It’s hard to believe that upper management and Tesla would directly and knowingly encourage and allow this; however it’s easy to believe that indirectly they encouraged such reckless and unsafe conditions. It’s easy to believe that subordinates were under such pressure, that at times they made mistakes and let things slide that they shouldn’t.

First (known) Model 3 INFERNO!
First (known) Model 3 INFERNO!

This incident seems to suggest that substandard batteries may have made it into other models.

I feel this incident should also be reported to the NTSB, NHSA and SEC.

Tesla electric car catches fire in California without any accident [Video]

The pressure by Tesla and Elon Musk to increase and meet production goals; may have made battery safety and other safety and quality issues to be further downgraded in priority. This would be similar phenomena as known as “launch fever” or “go fever” regarding NASA. It is a cultlike group think mentality that disregard safety and quality; in order to try to meet goals and overextended commitments.


It seems there might have been an effort to demonize, slander and frame Martin Tripp with “swatting”. It seemed to be an effort to try to start a witchhunt against Martin Tripp and to possibly imprison or murder him via police. It may have been a fake news/phony war diversionary tactic to try to draw attention away from the sins of Tesla and Elon Musk.

Tesla whistleblower’s lawyer: My client may have been effectively swatted


It’s hard for me to tell if Martin Trip is a saboteur, and spy or if he is a hero whistleblower. Perhaps he is a combination of both.

Martin Trip has recently posted some information, most of which I can’t make heads or tails of but some seem to suggest that he is a whistleblower and their might be some substance to his claims.

Tesla whistleblower tweets details about allegedly flawed cars, scrapped parts

Excerpt from the CNBC link from above:

A Tesla spokesperson responded:

…Notably, there have been zero battery safety issues in any Model 3

Could this alleged burned up Tesla model 3, be the result of faulty batteries?

KeefWivaneff posted photos and a link almost a month ago.

First (known) Model 3 INFERNO!

Seemingly Tesla or fan boys have not offered an explanation, let alone a credible explanation. Tesla and fan boys don’t have credibility. Therefore an explanation should come from a source that is likely to be credible.

There ought to be a proper investigation, elaboration and explanation into what happened to this Tesla.

Someone alleges that Tesla no longer uses component tracking on its cars, if true, it shows that Tesla has a disregard for safety. Component tracking can be key in diagnosing, and identifying safety problems and recalling and fixing safety problems.

Reportedly another Tesla engineer shares similar stories of quality control shortcomings, safety shortcomings, retaliation against whistleblowers and coverups by Tesla. Her testimonies seem to add credence to some of Martin Trips claims.

A former Tesla engineer says the company silenced her entire team after they brought up safety and quality issues