So how many Tesla Bears have caught fire so far?


Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought $10 million worth of Tesla stock (TSLA) just as he predicted a short squeeze that would be a ‘next level short burn of the century’.

A month later, it looks like his prediction is already starting to become reality as Tesla’s stock price is rising and people betting against the company are reportedly losing billions of dollars.

Short sellers on Wall Street have been building up massive positions against Tesla. As of the last report, the bet was worth as much as $12 billion and short sellers are starting to have issues finding shares to borrow, which increases the borrowing fees.

Tesla finally subpoenaed: Elon Musk's Tesla stock buyout "secured" funding tweet; fraudulent stock manipulation?

So the fact that Musk is making money out of his shoddy cars crashing and burning people to death makes it okay?

And you find this profit from death so amusing that you make a crappy and gloating play on words out of it?

Yeah, this is why I think most Tesla shills are in fact bots…

Because if they were human they’d be bedrock psychopaths.


Musk - problem gambler
I’m sure to have a big win soon.
Look, I’ll give you a gazillion TSLA shares if you’ll just lend me another $25M
What? What for?
Just a few more TSLA shares…
I tell ya it’s a sure thing…


Nah, Keef, I know what a problem gambler is and the Muskrat ain’t one…

He’s an out-and-out Conman with zero moral compass.

The OP proves it, as it is shows a Tesla shillbot actually GLOATING over the fact Musk makes a profit from manipulating his company’s stock, despite his product being an appalling deathtrap.

After that kind of admission, you’d have to be insane to have anything to do with his vile shitbox cars.


Tesla chargers have proven to be a fire hazard, despite Tesla denials and hype.

Tesla batteries have proven to be a fire and explosion hazard despite Tesla denials and hype.

Several Tesla occupants have burned to death, despite reassurances that Tesla occupants would have adequate time to escape.

Tesla customers, drivers and occupants have burned to death; Yet Elon Musk and his cult following is so sociopathic that they take glee in burning shorts. Kinda like; Adolf Hitler and Nazis being gleeful about concentration camp crematoriums.

If Tesla reforms, I wish it success. However if it continues to defraud and have other sociopathic behavior; it deserves to fail.