So how many Teslas have caught fire so far?




Another one, in Switzerland:

Strangely, the police are currently refusing to blame a battery fire, yet the entire car has melted.

As Lithium ion batteries burn at between 750 & 900C, and aluminium melts at around 600C, I can see no alternative for the damage shown.

Maybe it’s a legal matter, not wanting to prejudice future criminal prosecution?


Tesla fires are far more severe, hazardous and complex to deal with than ordinary car fires:

Yeah, they’re pretty much deathtraps.

Edit to include: Tesla claim to have fitted a titanium cover encasing the battery pack in order to protect it from puncture. However, titanium is both very expensive and difficult to machine - we have already seen that Tesla use inferior quality aluminium castings on their suspension components in order to scrimp a few bucks, so why should we take their word that they are using good quality titanium as well?

If they’re even using titanium at all.

Titanium melts at above 1600C, so should survive a lithium battery fire at 950C - if we see no evidence of these titanium covers surviving the fires we will know they are defective…

This is what it has come to with Musk and his horrid cars - nothing about them, or his claims for them, is believeable on face value, so we are forced to examine the absolute worst case scenario every time.

Why is he not in jail?


The Titanium pantie shield weighs about 8 ounces and is held on with a dozen #2 pan-head screws.
It is a joke.


I got the impression the whole clamshell was made of titanium, but seems it’s all smoke and mirrors as usual.

To be honest I gave up reading your link when it mentioned “ballistic aluminium”, as no such material exists - it’s just a nonsense made-up buzz phrase.

The gif of the concrete block hitting the shield is misleading too - it’s clearly made of aerated block, which are so light and weak you can cut em with a saw. They’re used for internal, non load-bearing partition walls.

So yeah, just more musk fraud…

Why is he not in jail?


More fire:

Seems that “ballistic aluminium and tianium clamshell” don’t work so well after all…


Indeed :slight_smile:


There was no crash and at this time there is no known foreign object damage. So at this time it seems the so-called “armor” was not a factor in preventing the fire.

I suspect this incident is a manufacturing and quality control problem regarding the battery. Tesla also hyped the ability to detect and warn of battery faults, before a failure and/or to give the driver and other occupants warning to evacuate the vehicle. Reportedly at least one other driver flagged the driver of the Tesla down, because the Tesla driver was unaware that his vehicle was on fire.

Again this shows a Tesla hype problem.

Again this seems to show that Tesla has manufacturing and/or quality control issues.

Again this seems to show that Tesla’s detection and alert system is not all it is hyped up to be. It’s less capable and less effective then presented.


Oct 9, 2018
On Sunday morning, those traveling near King Hill Avenue could spot a Tesla engulfed in flames.

Members of the St. Joseph Fire Department responded to the car fire, and while the flames were put out, Bill Lamar, the department’s chief training officer, said dealing with an electric car presented its own difficulties for first responders.

There is hardly a peep about these kinds of Tesla safety hazards. This incident is hardly mentioned if at all by the so-called “Pravda” shills. If they do mention it, it is typically dishonestly spun into hyping Tesla, to shill for Tesla.

Tesla, Elon Musk, his suck ups, the Tesla forums, and the anti-truth tabloid fake news sites that shill for Tesla like; Electrek, CleanTechnica, InsideEVs, Green Car Reports and shills like Fred Lambert don’t really care about the truth, safety or the environment. They are evil. It is a cult of ignorance, evil, greed, etc. I think they all should be investigated by the SEC for illicit stock market manipulation.

They are more likely to cover up stories like this. If they do cover it they will likely have hissy fits again that the Tesla name was mentioned. They hate the truth, safety, science and the environment.

I wonder if Tesla is giving NHTSA payola to cover up Tesla fires like this. NHTSA has a history of covering up Tesla fires by refusing to approve complaints for public view.

It’s hard to tell how many Tesla fires there has been because the truth is suppressed and misrepresented.

Tesla and their shills fraudulently claim transparency.


Notice the biohazard stickers on the burnt Tesla photo posted by KeefWivaneff.

Tesla, Elon Musk, his suck ups and fake news sites fraudulently claimed that Tesla batteries were non-toxic, nonflammable and landfill safe. They should be investigated by the SEC for making fraudulent claims and trying to fraudulently manipulate the stock market.

They ignored the facts in Tesla’s own emergency responder guide that indicated that Tesla’s high voltage batteries release toxins when burning.