Survey: Owners Rate Tesla; Dead Last In Reliability


The Tesla Model S came in last in a major survey ranking cars by how reliable they are

Tesla Model S is least reliable car in What Car? survey

TATTY TESLAS Elon Musk’s Tesla cars have been named and shamed as the least reliable – while Japanese motors are labelled as the most dependable

Tesla was listed rock bottom on the WhatCar? Reliability Survey with faults reported by nearly half of its owners.


Increasingly I’m hearing more complaints from Tesla customers that they are being coerced into taking delivery of substandard cars, Tesla is allegedly pushing the substandard cars urging customers if they don’t accept and receive the substandard cars that there could be delays that could result in losing tax credits.

Of those that have decided to take delivery of substandard cars, there seems to be increasing complaints to bring the vehicle up to par after delivery. Parts shortage, and poor parts distribution, lack of and overbooked service centers are reportedly resulting in taking many weeks or many months even for very simple repairs.

Some Tesla owners are complaining they have had inoperable vehicles for months because they can’t get simple parts that ought to be common.