Tesla "autopilot" and Tesla drivers statistically much worse than my driving. Tesla and their drivers murder people


I’ve never driven into the back of a huge red fire truck.

I’ve never accelerated and driven into the back of a huge red fire truck maintenance vehicle.

I’ve never accelerated and driven into a concrete lane divider.

I’ve never driven my car into a bicycle rider.

I’ve never driven my car into a jogger.

I’ve never driven my car into a police vehicle.

Tesla that crashed into police car was in ‘autopilot’ mode, California official says

If confirmed, it would be the third time a Tesla in autopilot has crashed into a stationary emergency vehicle this year

“Tesla’s Autopilot Was Involved in Another Deadly Car Crash”

“Cyclist Killed by Tesla Car with Self-Driving Features”

“Tesla Model S Driver Ignores Autopilot Warning, Rear-Ends A Nissan SUV”

Reportedly David Crosby settled for about $3 million for jogger he hit with his Tesla. It wasn’t necessarily on “autopilot” but a decent automatic braking system might have prevented this tragedy.

Allegedly some Tesla drivers have deliberately caused accidents.

“The driver of the Tesla was impeding the travel of a bicyclist and intentionally caused a collision”

I don’t think Elon Musk should be even allowed to drive with his history of unsafe driving, inattentive driving, drug and alcohol abuse, stupidity, anger management issues, and other mental illness, etc.

Watch a young Elon Musk take delivery of his McLaren F1 hypercar — before he wrecked it

Elon Musk Explains How He Wrecked An Uninsured $1 Million McLaren F1

Tesla’s might be safer if they took the advice of their engineers. Instead Tesla chose to skimp on safety and use older inferior less safe technology and release it before it was ready.

Seemingly Consumer Reports even admits that Tesla’s “autopilot” is inferior.

Consumer Reports says Cadillac’s self-driving tech is better than Tesla’s