Tesla Autopilot Mode = Darwin Mode. AKA: Kamikaze Mode


Reportedly according to the NTSB preliminary report the Tesla’s “autopilot” accelerated and steered into the lane divider in the fatal crash in the Mountain View California. It seems also the Tesla automatic emergency braking system (collision avoidance system) failed.

“NTSB Report Says Tesla Was Accelerating at Time of Fatal Mountain View Crash”

Reportedly the “autopilot” sped up the Tesla before the crash in Utah, that injured the driver that the car crashed into a large red fire truck service vehicle. Reportedly the automatic emergency braking (crash avoidance) system did not engage, however a fraction of a second before the crash the driver applied brakes. The driver said that the Tesla gave the driver no warning prior to the crash.

“APNewsBreak: Tesla in Autopilot sped up before Utah crash”

Though Tesla wrongly scapegoated the drivers in several of the autopilot crashes, reportedly data logs indicate that at least two of the recent Tesla autopilot crashes that autopilot’s sped up the cars just prior to the Tesla crashes. It also seems that the emergency braking system (collision avoidance system) failed .

The evidence suggests the drivers are at fault, however it’s wrong for Tesla to throw Tesla drivers and owners under the bus to cover up Tesla autopilot problems. Reportedly Elon Musk and other upper management rejected requests for more advanced sensors and other advanced technology that would have improved safety and autonomous driving. So it seems Tesla skimped on safety that could have prevented some accidents, property damage injuries and deaths. Tesla was eager to rush unsafe underdeveloped overhyped “autopilot” and "automatic braking"into production. The hype by Tesla, Elon Musk and his minions of Russian like spambots has encouraged Tesla drivers and Tesla owners to drive with overconfidence and arrogance that leads to complacency, recklessness, property damage, injuries and deaths.

Using the “Swiss cheese model” of investigation, and safety there is typically more than one causal and/or contributing factors to accidents. So though in many cases the drivers are at fault, in many cases so is Tesla and their designs.

Tesla is lagging behind in technology and safety. Tesla is an industry leader of lies and hype.

AI: Tesla and Elon Musk already have murdered using Tesla vehicles as disgusting killer robots

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You’re using the very tactics that you falsely accuse me of. I suspect you are a Tesla shillbot/strawman meant to discredit shorts and Tesla critics. You’re using the same strategy as Elon Musk and his suck ups.


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I suspect Elon Musk is wrong about LIDAR. Tesla’s unsafe track record of crashes, injuries and deaths; support that Tesla technology is primitive, and inferior.


If I understand LIDAR has significant limitations also, concerning weather and other conditions.

What kind of radar does Tesla use? I suspect it is a very primitive, simple and cheap type of radar. I doubt it is sensor fused stereo phased array pencil beam frequency hopping multi track Doppler radar.


Emergency responders are concerned about the safety hazards generated by quasi-self driving vehicles like the Tesla.

Safety advocates warn that vehicles like Tesla can be a hazard not only to the drivers, and passengers and general public; but also to emergency responders.

Reportedly a 30 year veteran firefighter goes on record with some of his concerns.

Greedy ignorant psychopath Elon Musk and his storm troopers are having a hissy fit that reviewers, skeptics, safety advocates and critics keep pointing out the safety flaws, shortcomings, poor quality and low technology of Tesla vehicles.

A Tesla model S in front of an audience miserably failed and “autopilot” automatic emergency braking test. As typical, Elon Musk and his suck ups have hissy fits.

“Needless to say, the ILNAS probably won’t be on Musk’s Christmas card list this year.”

That ironic quote from the article, brings up another issue. Could people that received a Christmas card from Tesla be charged with receiving stolen property? :wink: Reportedly Tesla sent out Christmas cards with stolen artwork.

It seems a rich greedy corporation like Tesla and their evil minions, celebrate Christmas with stolen loot. Tesla, Elon Musk and their evil minions are like the unrepentant Grinch. Yet unlike the Grinch they are too evil so far to repent.

Tesla automatic braking unsafe epic failure in tests and in real-world

“Tesla-style ‘autopilot’ lull motorists into false sense of security, says RSA”