Tesla Bear and am new here


But have been trading TSLA for at least six months mostly on the short side. As an accountant this company just drives me crazy. It is one of the most overpriced stocks on the street, but as any short knows it has defied gravity and making any real money on the short side has required perfect timing. I am not interested in wild theories, or equally wild BS about Elon Musk. I am interested in trade able information that may not be posted other places.

Always keep one thing in mind. There are very powerful financial interests that are heavily invested in TSLA’s success. They will do anything to keep the stock high even after waves of bad news so they can extricate themselves from their positions. In the long run I do not see how TSLA survives in its current configuration. But also remember in the long run we are all dead. It may take a long time to die.