Tesla blood minerals. Tesla supporting wars, child exploitation/quasi-slave labor, etc


The manufacturer of Tesla automobiles and their batteries include “conflict minerals”. So Tesla, people that own Tesla cars and Tesla stocks are supporting wars, child exploitation/quasi-slave labor, etc. In the process of exploiting and depleting resources and the environment.

Tesla is worse than Enron.


Like the expression “Follow the money” from the docudrama “All the Presidents Men”. Follow the money, cobalt and other Tesla blood minerals. Follow the money. Follow the cobalt. Follow the lithium. Etc.

I think one of the reasons that Tesla is considering a battery factory in China, is to exploit cheap Chinese labor, and to do business where there is less disclosure so it’s harder to follow the trail of blood minerals. It’s like a money laundering scam, that also launders Tesla’s complicity with wars, labor exploitation, environmental exploitation, pollution, environmental destruction, depleting environmental resources, etc.

Tesla seems to be using third parties, to try to hide its complicity with blood minerals, environmental destruction, resource depletion, wars, labor exploitation, etc.

Tesla, Elon Musk’s and his suck ups rhetoric doesn’t add up and doesn’t stand up logically and to the test of truth.


It seems Tesla violated the law (sanctions) via Panasonic and other suppliers in the chain. Another way that Tesla has been anti-American and anti-environment.

Exclusive: Tesla’s battery maker suspends cobalt supplier amid sanctions concern

Elon Musk allies himself and openly favors former Soviet bloc Pravda fake news sites that are anti-free speech and anti-Free Press.

Tesla is also moving jobs overseas to China where it can exploit labor and skirt environmental. Where there is less labor laws, less environmental laws, less safety regulations, less free speech, less Free Press, etc. it would also be easier for Tesla to exploit China’s lithium, environment, etc. In a country that manufacturers are allowed to pollute more and rape the environment more.

Tesla gets an F when it comes to human rights, social justice, safety and environmentalism.


Some Tesla Batteries May Be Illegal in the US
Tesla relies on Panasonic exclusively for the batteries it uses, and it has come to light that some of the cobalt used in those batteries was sourced from Sherritt International meaning the cobalt is from Cuba. As US sanctions remain in place, such transactions are prohibited.


Cobalt, lithium, etc. are blood/conflict minerals which greedy companies like Tesla exploit. Tesla is harming/exploiting the environment and exploiting people.

It’s also a double edge sword. Some of the most exploited people, are often dependent on what meager payment they might get.

Tesla claims it’s going to stop using cobalt, but it often falls short of its claims; meanwhile keeps exploiting people and misleading the public. Tesla rhetoric is often false, reality is often evil and harsh.

Data Sheet—Explaining Congo’s Cobalt ‘Curse’
The Democratic Republic of Congo is the source of cobalt needed for batteries in everything from iPhones to Tesla sedans.


Tesla makes a deal with China to exploit the environment for financial gain. The deal also comes with a cost to the environment, and will likely exploit workers and probably already has greased the palms of dirty politicians and dirty businessman.

Tesla Locks-in a Three Year Deal with Ganfeng, China’s top producer of lithium