Tesla demands special treatment from NHTSA


Tesla claims that Autopilot is 40% safer and even gets NHTSA to repeat that claim.
When asked to release the evidence that supports the claim Tesla claims they are a SPECIAL CASE!

The heavily redacted letter from Tesla to NHTSA is still viewable here

Interestingly - the full document that was on SCRIBD has been removed.

Tesla says that information about crashes and victims is not publicly available.

(most likely because Tesla has settled out of court and slapped them with Non Disclosure Agreements)


What makes this even more interesting is that NHTSA allowed Tesla to cover up the issue of fires even though the cover story of road debris being the cause and flimsy Tiitanium shields being the supposed cure is ridiculous.
At least a dozen other Teslas have since caught fire and there has been no reopening of the investigation.
And what about the suspension failures?
Many complaints submitted by actual owners and more than 150 complaints from concerned citizens.

Tesla describes itself as DISRUPTIVE well those suspensions have been disrupted all right!