Tesla model S alleged unintended acceleration Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium. May 2018


Tesla Autopilot: Model S That Hit 5 Cars Started Itself, Owner Says

I’m skeptical of the media, translations, Tesla, Elon Musk, the drivers account, etc.

Could this crash be because of some fault of Tesla design and/or hype?

Did the vehicle really start itself, or was it the case of unattended acceleration by the driver and/or vehicle?

Was this another “autopilot” failure?


Is this another case that an owner or driver misused the technology, in part because of overhype from Tesla, Elon Musk and greedy cult of (Russian like) spambots, trolls, shills, fan boys,
fake news, tabloids, etc. that overhype the safety, technology, and quality of Tesla? (A psychological component of “human factors”)

I don’t expect any trustworthy answers as Tesla has proprietary control over the data. I think government crash investigators should have independent access to all vehicle data, audio and video recordings without being dependent on Tesla or other manufacturers that might taint investigations, jeopardizing justice and safety. I think auto manufacturers data, audio and video recordings should be in a standardized format that can be read without being tainted or compromised by anyone that may want to mislead, or cover up safety problems and the causes of crashes and failures.

I am not a bear or bull. I am a mongoose. I have no vested interest. Elon Musk is coprolite.


Thank you Mongoose.
I’m a little teapot myself :slight_smile: