Tesla on the verge of bankruptcy, a stock bubble burst/stock collapse?


Tesla, Elon Musk and his henchmen seem to be becomingly increasingly desperate, unethical and irrational.

Tesla seems to be in a desperate position to raise cash and give the impression of profits even when it might be false profits. Some might call it juggling the books, cooking the books and perhaps even fraud.

Isn’t this type of negotiation typically what happens when a company is in early stages of bankruptcy or approaching possible bankruptcy?
(Seems to be Tesla pleading for money from contractors/suppliers to keep from failing and losing a business partner)


Tesla Is Reportedly Asking Suppliers to Refund Payments To Have More Cash On Hand


How Tesla uses cash from Nevada casinos to boost its bottom line

Elon Musk has a history of shady dealings that could be interpreted as fraudulent.

I think it was unethical and morally fraudulent, if not legally fraudulent that Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups that shill for him; portrayed to early model three adopters that the Tesla model three starting price would be $35,000 and that there would be an additional substantial tax credit to significantly reduce the price. Yet like in a bait and switch tactic; Tesla shifted production of the model three to the much more expensive luxury versions. So Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups that shill for him; are screwing over early adopter fan boys of the base Tesla model three. Preferential treatment and subsidies are being given to the rich. Yet those that wanted the middle-class version of the Tesla model three seemingly are getting screwed. Tesla seemingly has used the deposits by middle class, would be Tesla base model three owners, are getting screwed, seemingly the deposits are being used as seed money to subsidize the rich, and taxpayer money is being used for rebates to subsidize the rich.

What happened to the ‘affordable’ $35,000 Tesla Model 3?

Reportedly a lot of early adopters that were screwed over by Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups that shill for him; including Prada like fake news sites and hacks; are canceling their orders in droves.

Tesla’s Shares Slip Over Fears of Increase in Model 3 Cancellations

It seems that most US early adopters of the Tesla model three are going to be screwed out of getting there $7500 tax credit. So it seems they will no longer be able to get the base model of the Tesla model 3 for $27,500 as it was portrayed by, Elon Musk and his suck ups that shill for him; including Prada like fake news sites and hacks.

As Tesla tax credits disappear, will Model 3 deposit-holders stick around?

Ontario Canada is also ending its tax credits that subsidize Tesla and the other rich.

Ontario kills EV rebate; no more $14,000 incentive

Germany is not only ending subsidies, it is recalling subsidies. Germany claims that Tesla illegitimately gamed the system.

Germany Forces Tesla Owners To Pay Back Hefty Electric Car Subsidies

German Tesla Model S owners told to repay $4,650 electric car subsidy

The honeymoon is over. The public and even some of Musk’s suck ups are starting to wake up and smell the coffee.


In Australia it is illegal to take a deposit on vapourware.


Tesla and Elon Musk are going to desperate lengths to try appear to be making earnings.

Tesla Q2 Earnings Is About Avoiding Disaster


I’m not a bear or a bull. I’m not a financial expert; but I feel Tesla stock could still be artificially inflated and may keep going that way, or the overinflated high risk stock may burst soon.

Exiting Tesla Now May Beat Risking a Failed Deal, Barclays Says

Two of Tesla’s Largest Holders Cut Stakes by More Than 20%


Tesla so desperate to try to show profits that it’s shaking down and defrauding its suppliers? Tesla can’t pay all its bills?

Some Tesla suppliers now worry about getting paid.
Growing concerns about Tesla’s financial stability.
Separately, several suppliers in interviews said Tesla has tried to stretch out payments or asked for significant cash back. And in some cases, public records show, small suppliers over the past several months have claimed they failed to get paid for services supplied to Tesla.


Some Tesla Suppliers Fret About Getting Paid.

Public records show 16 companies since October have taken the unusual step of filing mechanic’s liens—or legal claims seeking unpaid compensation—against Tesla claiming bills haven’t been paid for supplies and services.


Tesla short on cash?

Tesla not paying it’s bills to transporters, thus Union Pacific withholding Tesla cars? Is Tesla a lot worse off financially then it claims?

Union Pacific Is Holding Hostage 20 Tesla Model 3s from Owners Awaiting Delivery: Report