Tesla Solar Roof - tearing into the BULLSHIT!


Start here and watch carefully.
Spoiler alert.
The devil is in the detail.


Let’s start with the mechanical aspects.

Note that the demonstration roof does not extend to the edge of the roof.
In a real installation alternate tiles must be cut short AND the barge capping must extend sufficient to weatherproof the roof edge.

The tiles are hinged at the top edge and are presumably heavy enough to remain flat even in high wind conditions ( with luck!)
Oh…wait a minute…watch the video from about the 10 Minute point.
The shingle are as light as a feather!
Next consideration.
To access the wiring and connectors for inspection or repair.
Just flip up the tiles 90 degrees!

I think we have a problem!

Excuse me Lord Elon but to flip up the tile you would first need to flip up the row above.
And the row above. And the row above.


OK, moving right along.
Now for the electrical side of things.

Thanks to the makers of this video for confirming that the maximum voltage of a string of 8 tiles is just 16 Volts.
This is entirely consistent with my earlier analysis Tesla Solar........ two shakes short of a shingle?

Each tile of the triplet is a single 6 inch cell with an open circuit voltage of 0.6 Volts.
The string of 8 triplets complete with 16 pairs of connectors is roughly equivalent to a (nominal) 12 Volt 100 Watt panel.

This is the sort of panel that is used by campers or old hippies living in caravans but in the modern age of higher powered systems using MPPT regulators it is farcical.

Industry standard panels are at least 250 Watt and 40 Volt nominal voltage
The most common installations use 3 or 4 of those panels in series to form the string.

To equal this performance using Tesla roof tiles would use an absurd quantity of connectors that pose a risk of failure and the possibility of starting a fire.


I could go on.
(and on and on)
But there is not much point really.

Tesla will be bankrupt and Elon Musk will be in jail before you will ever see these ludicrous and insane shingalooloos in the real world.


Problems problems problems!
The shingles are secured only at the top edge ( with hinges that require 6 screws in precise alignment)

The shingles are not held down at the front.
Wind rating?
Once they flip up the entire covering will be stripped off and fly away!


Who is going to install this contraption.
A conventional roofing company can install a complete tiled roof in less than a day.
( I know this because I’ve had my own roof completely stripped and new tiles fitted)

A roof tile elevator takes tile from the truck up to the team on the roof and these guys work really fast.

For the Tesla solar roof.
Each tile needs to be unwrapped from its protective cover.
Hinge points need to be screwed to the roof in a precise pattern
Wiring harness with multiple connectors needs to be installed and tested.

No roofing company and no solar company would touch this thing with a ten foot pole.
Tesla is going to have to train specialist teams and deploy them across the country.

This whole thing is a complete FANTASY!


Reportedly Tesla’s SolarCity were seemingly fired after reporting cooked books of millions of dollars in fraudulent sales. Seemingly the motive was to get more bonuses and to fraudulently inflate stock prices, and give a fake appearance of corporate value. Allegedly there was a pattern of abuses and workplace discrimination of employees.

“Ex-SolarCity employees: We were fired after reporting millions in fake sales”