Tesla Solar........ two shakes short of a shingle?


Roll up roll up get your lovely SOLAR ROOF.
Deposits now being taken.
(and safely shoved down Elon’s trousers.

Sounds interesting… stand by for further exciting details


Now call me a suspicious old bastard BUT…
That specification sounds just like a generic 12 Volt 100 Watt solar panel.

Here is a typical 100 Watt panel with similar ratings.

NOTE the dimensions - 47 x 21.3 x 1.4 in (1195 x 541)

Per the Tesla Solar home page the shingle is 14" X 8.65" (356 X 220)That gives a surface area of 0.08 square metres.
Standard Test Conditions (STC) for panel rating is 1000W per square metre.
I will be generous and allow Tesla to claim an efficiency of 20%.
This gives a maximum power output of (drum roll)

Fremont…we have a problem!


Where does that leave us?
Well… it can’t have an output voltage of about 12 Volts and a peak current of about 8 Amps because it is really only a 16 Watt shingle (at best).
In order to drive a modern MPPT solar regulator a solar array needs a string voltage of 100 Volts plus and typically a current rating of 10 Amps or more.

From the appearance of the Tesla shingle it does not appear to be made up of 24 or more cells so it is unlikely to really be a 12 Volt (ish) device.

It might well be a 2 Volt shingle capable of 8 Amps.
That could work.
BUT you would need 50 shingles connected in series to make a viable string.
That is one hell of a lot of interconnections.
100 Volts at 10 Amps can make quite an impressive arc.

Is this thing safe?

Tesla Solar Roof - tearing into the BULLSHIT!

So how do you think they secure those shingles to the roof so they don’t blow away in the breeze?

Roofing nails??


Tesla shingles are rated at Maximum string voltage of 600 Volts.
Maximum Current 7.5 Amps.
This is what happens when you have a loose connection at just 200 Volts.

There are going to be HUNDREDS of connectors on a Tesla Shingle roof.
Oh the humanity!


One flash and your HOUSE is ash!


HOW much??
Are you kidding me??