Tesla struck other car while in ‘autopilot mode,’ Utah woman says in lawsuit


The Tesla Model S, which the woman bought in 2016, is advertised to have “enhanced Autopilot,” including 360 degrees of visibility and 250 meters of “forward protection,” the woman’s attorney’s wrote in a news release.

Tesla Sales Staff Told Driver in Model S Crash That the Car Would Brake For Stopped Obstacles: Lawsuit

This is kind of like a David and Goliath fight; except I doubt God will intervene on this matter.

Satan (Tesla and Elon Musk) have more much money and probably an army of evil shysters to steamroll this woman. Tesla and Elon Musk have already figuratively thrown the woman under the bus.

In my opinion the woman is partly at fault for inattentiveness; however in my opinion Tesla is at larger fault for their unsafe hype that inadvertently encourages people to drive recklessly, carelessly and inattentively.

I feel the waiver that Tesla uses should largely be voided, because the hype misleads the public into thinking the “autopilot” is much safer and more capable than it really is.

There is also the; monkey see, monkey do, argument:

Allegedly Elon Musk himself often drives recklessly, inattentively, violates laws and even violates Tesla’s own safety protocol; including the “autopilot” waiver.

Reportedly Elon Musk was seemingly inattentively driving alone when he tweeted his “funding secured” tweet.

Reportedly Elon Musk also frequently is inattentive and takes his hands off the wheel when driving a Tesla. Reportedly even Elon Musk’s ex-wife has a history of being inattentive and taking her hands off the wheel when a Tesla is on “autopilot”.
Reportedly Elon Musk claimed he will demonstrate a car that can drive from LA to New York all the way all without driver touching the controls.

Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said a self-driving Tesla will attempt the trip from Los Angeles to New York in the next three to six months after missing the deadline he set for late 2017.


Tesla is a leading innovator of perversion. The Tesla cult is so perverted that wankers brag they love Tesla “autopilot” so they can masturbate with both hands while driving. So it’s quite likely that some future “autopilot” crash investigations might be sexually explicit.


Don’t wank and drive :slight_smile: