Tesla uses illicit advertising via illicit "social engineering"?


Recently Tesla acquired an engineer from Snap. Bowers job at Snap was monetization engineering involved the social media company’s advertising system. Tesla said he would work on “Autopilot”. and other projects as well.

Could some of the “other projects” be working with fake news outlets and hacks to promote Tesla, censor, slander, harass, stalk, and threaten critics and safety advocates of Tesla? Since Tesla doesn’t have formal proper advertising, it seems to use fake news sites, hacks, shills, censorship, subversion of critics and other evil tactics as an illicit under the table behind the doors illegitimate advertising campaign.

Not so much data hacking, but more “social engineering” that might be disguised/touted as public relations. A strategy of using fake news and social media to promote, and sell products/shill, demonize and subvert competition and critics. To nefariously try to manipulate public opinion for monetary gain/greed.


I get the impression that fake news sites, Tesla forums, comments and other forms of social media are being manipulated by human versions of spambots (shills, strawmen, spies, subversives, liars, slanders, hacks, bullies, etc.)

I even get the impression there are some forms of data hacking also. I notice a lot of the Elon Musk approved fake news websites; tend to use a lot more resources and light up firewalls much more than legitimate news sites. It’s as if Elon Musk’s fake news sites that he praises as “Pravda” is trying to access and attack web surfers, especially when the web surfers express skepticism or criticism of Tesla on comments.

I suspect Tesla has many “social engineers” and an army of human spambots. Many of them seem to be working from the same script, seem to have multiple identities, and seem to use software to change the scripted response to try to prevent spam detection.

A modern capitalistic version of Cold War Soviet bloc Pravda style brainwashing.

Tesla's & Elon Musk's neo-Nazi Gestapo might come after you; if you exercise free speech and/or free press

I think Elon Musk is a greedy morally bankrupt sociopath. Regarding technical science he seems to be largely ignorant, incompetent and dishonest. Though in many ways he is incompetent; in some ways he is an evil genius. He and his evil minions are master manipulators of the sheeple, dolts, tabloids, fake news, hacks, human spambots, trolls, etc.

An example seems to be the smokescreen, diversionary tactics the way he use twitter, tabloids, fake news sites, hacks, human spambots, etc. to manipulate the gullible and naïve public.

It’s like a “social engineering” version of three card monte using social media. Elon Musk is a confidence man, con artist, shill, swindler, etc.

“Was Elon Musk’s Tesla Pickup Tweetstorm a Smokescreen for Battery Fires?”

Figuratively: He wants people to watch the birdie, as a way to divert attention away from the con and problems; to get his hand in the public’s pocket.

Were supposed to ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

People are being injured, and dying because of Tesla’s unsafe products, but we are supposed to ignore all that because he holds carrots of gadgets, goodies and hype to draw our attention.


Finally a whistleblower article on one of the tabloids and hacks that often shill for Tesla; and censor, ban, harass, threaten, and retaliate against skeptics and critics of; Tesla, Tesla mob mentality, and Elon Musk storm troopers, semi-human spambots, shills, trolls, slanders, etc.

This is one of the suspicious fake news sites, that sometimes have suspicious browser activity, port scans, etc.; especially to skeptics and critics of Tesla; when skeptics and critics of Tesla voice their opinions.

It’s fake news sites like the one mentioned in this article and hacks like the one mentioned in this article that Elon Musk praises as “Pravda” like news source.

Inadvertently Elon Musk is revealing that he admires crony mafioso corrupt propaganda fake news that is manipulated by totalitarians and rich greedy manipulative people. In Elon Musk’s tirade; he and his cult following inadvertently revealed that they hate free speech and free press that seek the truth and expose the truth.

“The Truth Behind Electrek’s Dark Alliance with Tesla
How the most popular electric car news site quietly wages a proxy war on behalf of Elon Musk.”

“Pravda” media was the antithesis of truth. Misnomer.

Elon Musk is mentally ill and advocating mental illness

Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda

Tesla seems to be increasing its illegitimate army of; psychological warfare, illegitimate advertising, damage control, public relations spin, misinformation, slander, stalking, harassment, psychological projection, diversion tactics, censorship (illegitimate moderation), suppression of free speech, suppression of free press, intimidation/bullying tactics, scientific fraud, scandal cover-up, etc.

Tesla’s Reich seems to be adding forces to its ministry of propaganda.

Tesla hires crisis communications firm in attempt to repair tattered image, according to reports

It’s been reported that Tesla has enlisted the help of crisis communications firm, Joele Frank