Tesla's unsafe disregard, regarding the "Swiss Cheese Model" and "Human factors"


Despite the dishonest hype; Tesla, Elon Musk and cult have a flagrant disregard for safety and truth

In my opinion Tesla released its inferior “autopilot” and “emergency braking” technology before it was mature or advanced enough for public use.

As a figure of speech; Tesla dishonestly speaks with a forked tongue. Tesla, Elon Musk and greedy cult; overhype and overstate the safety, and technology of Tesla vehicles as false advertising yet have disclaimers/warnings to try to shed Tesla responsibility/liability. In my opinion disclaimers and warnings provided by Tesla are overwhelmed by dishonest Tesla hype.

In my opinion poor Tesla cockpit layout is likely a causal and/or contributing factor to many Tesla accidents, when a driver unattendedly accelerates by his own actions. Tesla often scapegoats Tesla drivers and Tesla owners, figuratively throwing them under the bus to take attention away from causal and/or contributing factors that are literally the fault of Tesla, Elon Musk and the greedy cult following. Control layout; petal layout, control stalk, etc. can be confused by drivers that drive other types of vehicles and are used to driving other types of vehicles. Thus it seems sometimes Tesla drivers hit the wrong petal or accidentally engage “autopilot” resume; which often results in Teslas crashing through storefronts, traffic, parked vehicles, etc. (these are some examples of physiological and psychological components of “human factors”).

I suspect the Tesla touchpad display and control system contributes to driver distraction and inattention; resulting in many crashes. (these are also some examples of physiological and psychological components of “human factors”)

In my opinion Tesla has done a horrible neglectful job in regards to “human factors” into its engineering, design and accident investigation.

Tesla, Elon Musk and their cult don’t care about safety. They often figuratively throw their own Tesla owners and Tesla drivers under the bus as scapegoats; to divert attention away from concept, design and manufacturing faults and shortcomings of Tesla. It’s a policy and practice of scapegoatizim (aka; fraudulent blame games, witchhunts, passing the buck, etc.)

The proper way of design, risk evaluation and crash investigation involves the “Swiss Cheese Model”. Usually the driver is at fault for an accident, however often are other causal or contributing factors related to training, procedure, design, manufacturer and marketing/sales.

The Swiss cheese model

Reportedly Elon Musk hung up on safety investigators. If true this indicates that Elon Musk has anger management problems and a flagrant disregard for safety and authority.

Elon Musk and other Tesla management rejected LIDAR, eye sensors and other advanced technology that would have improved safety and autonomy. So they greedily skimped on safety to rush Tesla vehicles into production.

Despite the hype, Tesla is skimping and derelict on safety and lagging behind in technology.