This is a screen shot from a video of the underside of the Tesla Semi.

The axles have no brakes.
They have no bearings.
Just a square tube held on by a U-bolt.

This dreadful KLUDGE will go a million miles without breakdown?
In yer dreams.


Hey look…it comes with SUICIDE DOORS.


Tesla Semi is a FRAUD!

The Semi does NOT have a motor driving each wheel.
It has ONE electric motor spliced on to a perfectly conventional truck differential and axle which provides sufficient power to tootle on/off stage on level ground.
The other electric motors are just for show,
For fudge sake!
They are not even mounted on the chassis but instead are UNSPRUNG WEIGHT!
Any automotive engineer or even a halfway decent mechanic will tell you that this is a complete joke.
The first bump in the road would make the motors snap off completely.


If you didn’t laugh you’d cry!


Just listen to the horrible whine of the reduction gears!
This thing won’t last 100 miles much less ONE MILLION MILES!