The Tesla BATTERY SWAP SWINDLE! Ends in epic failure after a campaign of epic Tesla hype!


A few years ago Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups that behave very much like Russian bots started hyping battery swaps and assured us that it would be successful and that it was a practical program. Skeptics, realists were demonized, bashed, harassed, threatened, censored, banned, slandered, etc. for being skeptical of the practicability of the program and critical of the hype and false promises.

The epic failure:

“Tesla shuts down battery swap program”

“Tesla’s battery-swapping plan has a mere shadow of the promise it once showed”

“Tesla sounds ready to pull the plug on promised battery-swap technology”

The Elon Musk suck ups hyped the now failed Tesla battery swap program:

“Tesla Unveils Automated 90-Second Battery Swap”

“Tesla Battery-Swap Pilot Program To Launch Next Week In California”

“Tesla Shows 90-Second Battery Swapping For Model S, Details Rollout Plans”

“Tesla Says One Battery-Swapping Site Will Go Live In December” (Oct 2014)

“Tesla starts offering Model S battery swaps, for fast ‘refueling’ at Supercharger stations”

This is to complement a previous thread on an adjacent subject but take the subject in a different direction.

Tesla's & Elon Musk's neo-Nazi Gestapo might come after you; if you exercise free speech and/or free press

Nice summary :slight_smile:


It was just a scam to grab more undeserved EV credits: