Time to CASH IN on the Great Tesla Crash of 2018


If it’s OK for Elon Musk and his followers to boost the value of TSLA shares by telling monstrous lies and KILLING PEOPLE with the deadly defective cars and the insane Autopilot then I’m proud to be a Tesla Bear.
Place your bets and then let’s bring this filthy scam crashing down.

Get on board the runaway train :slight_smile:
Please help.
Spread the word.
This thing’s a TURD!

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The trouble with shorting Tesla is that Musk is part of an organised criminal network of staggering scale, and is clearly protected and bankrolled at the highest level.

As Google are one of his main criminal co-conspirators, info on their crimes is hard to find on the internet, as they simply delete it.

These two links are about as good a starting point as any, though the fact they are allowed to stay up causes suspicion, so they may well be honeypots to help identify whistleblowers.

Whatever, they’re worth a look:

In light of this, perhaps the best advice on Tesla to investors and consumers is to avoid them and their shoddy product like the plague, and tell others to do the same.


Lots of bad news on Tesla finances here:

And these charts make for grim reading too:

I still think that shorting Tesla is a game for the bigger players who can afford to wait out all the obvious manipulation and fraud involved, but it surely can’t be long before the wheels fall off this scam, both literally and figuratively.


I’m just having a very small flutter on TSLA puts 3 months, 6 months out.
Good odds…better than betting on the horses :sunglasses:


Funny you should mention betting, as I used to work in the sector and Tesla’s marketing strategy is eerily similar to the methods used by bookies and hucksters to get people emotionally invested in, then betting wrongly on, fixed sporting events.

A good recent example is the Mayweather/McGregor boxing farce - the bookies made a ton on that in face of all reason - but I’ve seen scams worthy of Machiavelli, long cons that took years to set up and paid off huge in the end.

Which is why I say that small investors shouldn’t touch Tesla with a bargepole - you’re all being played.


Musk somehow does it again:

I don’t know much about stocks, but I know enough about gambling to know you never get involved in a rigged game…

And Tesla is Three-card Monte level rigged:


Tesla stock is like tulipmania. It’s irrational exuberance. Even Elon Musk admitted at least once that Tesla stock was overvalued.

There is no doubt that Tesla stock is still overvalued. It’s a balloon waiting to pop. The more it blows up, the more it is likely to pop and crash. However ironically there is a slim possibility that the irrational exuberance might eventually lead Tesla to success. The more money you throw at a problem, the more there is of a chance of overcoming a problem.

Many find it ironic that Tesla uses T emblem that ironically better fits Tulipmania then Tesla.