Toxco, a subcontractor for Tesla, to recycle batteries caught fire, exploded and released toxic fumes


Lithium battery recycling facility suffers explosions, fire (in 2009)

Here’s a link to a page on Tesla’s website that falsely claims lithium batteries are non-toxic. (2008)

Please note that the article that falsely claims lithium batteries are non-toxic. Tesla is (or was) in partnership with Toxco. (As in; TOXic COmpany)

The false claims of Tesla batteries being non-toxic is debunked by Tesla’s own emergency responders guide. Duplicity.

Tesla’s emergency responders guide indicates that toxic fumes are released from the high voltage battery when it burns or is even heated. Many of the substances listed are hazardous/toxic and some are heavy metals according to scientists. The emergency responders guide indicates that protective gear and self-contained breathing apparatus be used when fighting the fire and that people that are downwind should be evacuated.

Tesla’s emergency responders guide

Elon Musk’s own post on the Tesla website fraudulently claims Tesla batteries are non-toxic and landfill safe.

For several years Tesla forums (including the Tesla corporate forum), tabloid fake news sites (like Electrek) , hacks (like Fred Lambert); banned, censored, slandered, etc. safety advocates and environmentalists that dared to post the truth and debunk Tesla lies. Environmentalists and safety advocates were censored, banned, slandered, harassed, stalked, and otherwise retaliated against by the Tesla cult for showing proof that Tesla batteries are flammable, explosive, hazardous, toxic, and contain heavy metals.

Besides all toxic chemicals and heavy metals; there are other reasons that Tesla batteries are not landfill safe. They have a history of catching fire and exploding even after they are deemed safe by Tesla approved protocol.

Tesla, Elon Musk and his suck ups; are frauds for claiming Tesla batteries are non-toxic, nonhazardous, contain no heavy metals and are landfill safe.

Putting a battery in a landfill, is putting the entire landfill at risk if the battery catches fire. So not only the hazardous toxic materials from the battery are a threat, but also the fire resulting from a battery could end up being an environmental catastrophe if it sets the rest of the landfill on fire would also likely contain hazardous toxic materials.


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Small non-Tesla lithium battery at a recycling centers.

Lithium Ion battery fire at ecomaine’s Recycling Facility

Lithium-ion Batteries are Causing Five-alarm Fires in Garbage Trucks, Waste and Recycling Facilities
In 2017, 65 percent of fires in California waste facilities started with lithium-ion batteries.

Tesla, Elon Musk, Elon Musk’s suck ups, Tesla forums (including the Tesla corporate forum), tabloid fake news sites (like Electrek) , hacks (like Fred Lambert) don’t care about safety or the environment. They are frauds that ought to be investigated by the SEC and other governing agencies.

NTSB kicks off investigation of June 15 Tesla battery fire in Santa Monica, Calif