Complaint Number: 11090215
Vehicle Identification Number: Unknown
Your Vehicle’s Make Model and Model Year: TESLA MODEL X 2017
Note: Your VIN, make, model, and year are all protected under the Privacy Act.
What part of your car was affected? Speed Control
What happened?
This is a complaint about the alarming number of instances of Unintended Sudden Acceleration involving Teslas. I believe the following is extremely relevant. ** This comment on the TeslaMotorsClub raises a very good point. Mark_T, 7 minutes ago I still think this all comes down to how much muscle memory you have to deal with… If you’ve been driving ICE autos for years then you do all your low speed manoeuvres with your foot feathering the brake and your ‘safety’ reaction is to press hard on the break pedal. We all know how that ends if you forget you have creep off and you are in an EV with your foot on the ‘go’ pedal… :slight_smile: Same goes for any unexpected obstacle causing a sudden stop, inertia is likely to increase pedal pressure… Entirely safe if your foot is on the brake, but not if your foot is on the ‘gas’… luckyj, 2 minutes ago Yeah, I’m with you on this. I’ve driven a manual all my life until I got a Tesla. Sometimes I wish the significant braking that can come from regen would be restricted to when I actually press the brake. I think the “one pedal” concept is not good for most folks. Maybe even not good for anyone.*** Please consider this. Concerned citizen.
Files you uploaded.
When did this happen? 04/12/2018
Was there a Crash? Yes
Was there a Police Report? No
Were Vehicles Towed? No
Was there a Fire? No
Was there an injury or fatality? No
How fast were you going? (in mph) 20
About how many miles were on your vehicle at the time of the incident? 5000


So many teslas have crashed through storefronts, parking lots, driveways, signage, garages and homes that it becomes hard to distinguish one from another.

I’ll repeat again what I said in other threads, that just because many of these cases involve driver error, that shouldn’t let Tesla, Elon Musk and the cult following off the hook. They typically use the driver as a scapegoat, thus the problems with Tesla typically don’t get corrected. Typically there are many causal and/or contributing factors to accidents; hence why the “Swiss cheese model” of safety and investigation should be followed.

As I said before on other threads; Tesla, Elon Musk, and the cult following are ignorant of and/or disregard the psychology and engineering of “human factors” that consider physical and psychological aspects that contribute to driver error.

Tesla cockpit layout and Tesla hype/marketing has contributed to many of these driver errors. Pedal placement seems to have contributed to some accidents. Over dependency on regenerative braking, has contributed to many Tesla drivers becoming complacent, non-vigilant, derelict, incompetent and non-proficient at conventional brake operation.

Tesla hype also has a tendency to cause Tesla drivers to be overconfident and over dependent on anti-collision (aka: automatic emergency braking) that is not as good as hyped. Regretfully many Tesla owners and Tesla drivers have been seduced by the Tesla hype.

The cockpit layout also leads to Tesla drivers misusing confusing controls when not properly adapted to the Tesla or reverting to standard cockpit thinking. Reportedly Tesla drivers have confused forward and reverse and have accidentally activated “autopilot” resume with tragic results.


Here’s one from July 23, 2018.

Tesla Crashes Into Newport Beach Beauty Supply Shop

Tesla Slams Into 2 Newport Beach Businesses

Tesla Slams Into Nail Salon, Injures Employee In Newport Beach

Tesla slams into 2 adjacent businesses at Newport Beach strip mall; employee taken to hospital

Tesla Crashes Into Beauty Supply Shop in Newport Beach; Bystander Hospitalized: Police

Notice how the Soviet bloc Pravda like fake news sites have ignored this story so far. They probably won’t mention it, unless it is to complain about free speech, and Free Press and to spin it by figuratively throwing the driver under the bus; yet the ignoring causal and/or contributing factors that are related to Tesla and the cult culture.


One engineer said he had wanted to fix a problem with the Model S’s driver’s seat floor mat since 2012. As designed, the floor mat could interfere with the brake, the engineer claimed.

But he said that when he tried to investigate the issue with the supplier, his managers stopped him and either demanded to take over or asked him to focus on something else.

The engineer told the group that the still unfixed floor mats were a safety issue, even as Tesla had tens of thousands of cars on the road.