Unsafe Tesla "Tent Factory"? Typical for Tesla to skimp on safety. No sprinkler system?


Reportedly Tesla’s tent factory seemingly has no sprinkler system yet?

It seems that Tesla got a temporary deferment on a sprinkler system for their tent factory.

“overhead fire sprinkler system is pending

So is Tesla’s “Tent Factory” a fire trap like Tesla cars?

Reportedly the tent factory has no air-conditioning either. Heat exhausted workers are more likely to make mistakes and have accidents; aren’t they? Equipment that doesn’t have climate control tends to be more prone to failure; don’t you think?

Elon Musk suck ups falsely claim that tents are not a fire hazard. Apparently they’ve never heard of circus tent fires.

167 killed, more than 700 injured in the Hartford Circus fire.

In photos of the tent factory posted by Elon Musk, as near as I can tell there is no sprinkler system.

Reportedly a tent fire at a different Tesla location. Seemingly a cardboard compactor, hyped as a recycler caught on fire inside a tent at a Tesla site.

“Outdoor Recycling Tent Catches Fire At Tesla Fremont Factory”

No wonder some Tesla employees are lodging complaints, getting legal help and considering unionizing.