Welcome to teslabears.club


Good to have you here!

This is a forum for Tesla shorts to discuss the bearish theses on the company - brainstorming abound. Longs are more than welcome to participate, but be constructive or you will be banned.
That goes for everybody.



Thanks much to Andersponders for getting us started. Let’s see what we can do with this. I need to figure out how to start new topics, etc.


Take down that photo!! :slight_smile:


Go to the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner, click on new.


Okay, so a few more on board, and I hope more will follow.

I plan to announce the club’s existence in my next SA article (not sure when that will be).

I would encourage everyone who comes aboard to give andersponders feedback on any changes they think would improve site functionality. It will be great to have discussion board, and ideally it can have an easy-to-navigate look.


Yes - site feedback greatly encouraged.
My current project is putting a live TSLA ticker up in the right hand corner of the site.


Thanks for setting this up, andersponders.

And thanks for the notification in the article, Mr. Skeptic.


Hello all, migrating here from yahoo message boards and seeking alpha. Thanks to Andersponders indeed for setting this up. Studying Tesla has certainly helped me, a neophyte in things finance and business, understand how momentum stocks and hype work in the markets. I can’t promise to be as enterprising a sleuth as some of your are. But, I hope to learn from you, ask questions, and perhaps contribute a bit as well. Cheers!

P.S. for anyone who knows, will temamgami join us here? It goes without saying, his contributions were A+ on the other boards.


Just adding to the chorus of thank you’s, andersponders, for setting this up. glad to be here.


Hello from Mr Whompy :slight_smile:


I think this Elon pic should be used instead. :joy:


The Hunchback of Fremont?


That photo is very telling.

Does that look like someone that is sober?
Does that look like someone with a substance abuse problem?
Does that look like an intellect?
Does that look like a guilty person with things to hide?
Does that look like a well rested person?
Does that look like a healthy person?
Does that look like a sane person?
Does that look like an ethical person?
Does that look like someone that’s likely to crash a car?
Does that look like someone that’s likely to crash a company if he’s at the helm?